Infographic: Optimize and Promote Your Form for More Conversions

Written by Abby Nieten on June 19, 2014

Posted in Form Optimization, Infographics

A couple of weeks ago, Formstack launched it’s 2014 Form Conversions Report, a compilation of data from over 400,000 online form users. This report includes a slew of information about what makes your users complete your forms. From optimal form length to the best ‘submit’ button copy to use, we hope that you can leverage this data to make your form as submission-friendly as possible and to promote it where your customers and leads are. If you’re interested in downloading this report, you can find it here.

Because some of you are visual learners, we took our key findings from this report and compiled them into an infographic. And because we also know you like free stuff, we want you to share it with your network! Share this blog post on Twitter with the hashtag #formchat, and you’ll be entered to win a swag pack from Formstack. Any questions or comments? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!