Infographic: The 5 Most Popular Payment Forms in 2013

Written by Formstack on January 17, 2014

Posted in Infographics, Payment Processing

In 2013, Formstack users processed $114,760,533 via our online forms. Repeat: over 114 million dollars was processed via Formstack forms and our integrations. That’s approximately the same amount of money this mansion costs.

We produced content on all things money last year, including this payment gateway comparison chart. We hope if you need a way to accept payments online, you’ll leverage this resource to determine the best payment processes for your business or department. We’d love for you to join the thousands of other customers processing mad cash with our forms.

We’re pretty pumped about the volume of payments processed through Formstack forms last year, so we thought we’d take that data a step further and break down the top 5 types of forms that collected those millions:


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