What to Include in Your Event Confirmation Email

Written by Jenni Mettert on April 11, 2014

Posted in Event Planning, Lead Generation

When you’re hosting an event, the confirmation email can be great way to communicate with your guests. They also get fantastic open rates, which means that you can also use them as a part of your email marketing plan. Here are a few essential elements to help you create the ultimate confirmation email with Formstack.

Original Text and HTML
No generic responses here! With our HTML editor, you can change the font, color, and layout of your text. Remember to stay on-brand by including your logo or event images. To make sure that the email looks just right, you can send yourself a test email right from the settings page. A good-looking email is more likely to be well-received by your guests, so take the time to design it with care.

Personalized Responses
Each guest is different, and now each confirmation email can be, too. Formstack offers the ability to insert responses that the user filled out on the form. This means you can personalize your confirmation email with your guest’s name or other information from their form. Doing so helps your guests see interactions with your company as more than just transactional.

Payment Confirmation
It may be obvious, but it bears mentioning: if you host a paid event, your guests are going to want to know that their payments went through. Include payment confirmation in your email so guests have a receipt. As a bonus, if they notice an error in their purchase they can correct it immediately. (Include a way to contact customer service while you’re at it!)

Event Details
The confirmation email is the perfect time to share any pre-event details that guests might need to keep handy. You might include information on parking, dress code, or driving directions. If certain activities are planned, like a silent auction, mention it so that guests will be prepared to bring money. Use the confirmation email to act as a reminder for anything out of the ordinary.

Connect via Social Media and Email
Event guests are qualified leads. Why not invite them to engage more deeply with your brand? Include a link to sign up for your email newsletter and invite them to connect with your social media accounts. Display any specific hashtags you have created for your event to start the buzz early. Take advantage of the opportunity to get into your guests’ email inboxes.

Formstack lets you create a customized confirmation email that communicates valuable information about your event. How do you use confirmation emails for events? Let us know in the comments below!