Import Old Forms in Seconds with Formstack’s Newest Feature

Written by Formstack on October 2, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks, Formstack Updates

Even if you’re unhappy with your current form building methods, changing may feel like too much of a headache. After all, your site is full of web forms already. You don’t want to spend hours rebuilding them or risk losing important data with a switch.

Formstack is ready to make your life easier. Our new Form Importer tool makes migrating forms a breeze. Simply plug in the form URL, and Formstack will import it to our builder interface. Have more than one form on that page? A drop down menu will appear to let you choose which one to import.

It’s really that easy! You can import all of your existing forms and have the flexibility and power of Formstack at your fingertips.

To start migrating forms, just click the “Import Form” option in the upper right-hand portion of your dashboard.


You’ll have a choice between pasting the URL or the form’s HTML into the importer. Once successfully imported, it opens in Formstack’s form builder, where you can make changes or modify settings as needed.

There are a few limitations with our Form Importer to be aware of. At this time, drop-down list selections will not import. Some specialized fields, like email or phone numbers, will be imported as short answer fields. You can edit in the builder after import. Finally, some forms, such as Wufoo forms or certain HTML-based forms, may not import well. If those forms give you any trouble, our Support Team can help with the import process!

Have forms you need to migrate? For more screen shots or detail, check out this support document. If you’re not yet a Formstack customer, please reach out to our Sales team to get set up and start moving over your existing forms!