How Goose the Market Increased Sales + Exposure with Forms

Written by Formstack on June 26, 2014

Posted in Case Studies

Goose the Market is a neighborhood butcher shop and specialty grocery shop located in Indianapolis, Indiana. They work only with farmers in Indiana who grow their products all-naturally. Corrie Quinn, the Libations and Narrations Manager, likes to say that the pasture-raised animals only have one bad day! Goose the Market boasts an eighteen-foot fresh meat case, fresh local produce, cheeses from all over, beer and wine, and an Italian-style wine bar. Is your mouth watering yet?

But Goose the Market isn’t just a place to get delicious food: they are proud to be a Formstack customer. “Formstack has increased our business,” Quinn said.goosethemarket “We’ve seen a huge return on investment.” Check out how something as seemingly small as online forms has increased Goose the Market’s business and exposure nationwide.

It All Started With a Bunch of Turkeys

Why would a local specialty shop like Goose the Market need online forms? At first, it was because of Thanksgiving. “It’s probably our busiest time of year,” Quinn explained. “We have the opportunity to get this tremendous turkey into our customers’ hands, but a paper system with handwritten notes takes a lot of staff time.” Occasional errors were also inevitable in the process of transferring paper orders to spreadsheets. Wanting to make things easier, Quinn began researching a way to take online, phone, and in-person orders. That’s when she discovered Formstack.

“We needed something really user-friendly that we could manipulate to be perfect for our business. We also wanted security features that are important to our customers,” Quinn said. When Goose the Market implemented a Formstack order form for Thanksgiving, “we sold more turkeys than ever.” She found the process to be more organized and secure than the old way of doing things.

Using Formstack was Quinn’s first attempt at using any online forms or data collection. She had specific needs but didn’t want huge up-front costs. “Formstack offered security and order organization plus flexibility in customizing the form,” she said. “It was the perfect combination of all of the things we wanted—plus it was a really reasonable price.”

Bacon Coast-to-Coast

After their turkey success, Quinn took that experience and built their “of the month” order forms. They offer a bacon club, wine club, and beer and cheese club—complete with online forms. “We have had a huge uptick in membership and a better retention rate since we started using Formstack,” Quinn said. She attributes the increase to the fact that customers can renew their membership online instead of on the phone or in person.

Not only that, their national distribution has increased. Since many people prefer to purchase online, having internet-based ordering increases customer convenience. “We are always happy to talk to our customers in person, but the ease of online ordering is a huge benefit to our customers,” Quinn explained. Goose the Market is even receiving national media exposure that highlights their online ordering.

Moo-ve Over, Paper Forms

“Our Easter sales were two and a half times greater this year. A lot of that has to do with the ease of ordering,” Quinn said. Even though sales increased dramatically, Quinn was able to stay organized: Formstack allows her to sort orders by name, pickup date, or products. “We can also get up-to-the-minute quantities, which is helpful because we work with farmers on tight timelines,” she said. Quinn can also use the “event” tab to limit quantities of special items, like their special-release Easter hams.

“Formstack has easily saved us hundreds of hours,” Quinn said, “especially around the holidays where we had been entering every single order by hand.” By automating the process with Formstack, Goose the Market is able to take orders and send customized confirmation emails even when the shop is closed. “One of our colleagues said, ‘Why not make money while you’re sleeping?’” Quinn explained. “Once we customized our Formstack form, we were open to our customers 24 hours a day.”

Goose the Market has also seen a surprise benefit from using Formstack—saving time in marketing. When talking to reporters or potential customers, she doesn’t have to make a huge effort explaining what’s in season or how the of-the-month clubs work. Instead, “I get to tell them all the fun stuff and send them a link to the online form where the details are,” Quinn said. “It saves a ton of time in our outreach.”

Quinn is happy to share how Formstack has improved Goose the Market and their online meat locker, Smoking Goose. “Formstack is one account that benefits us at holidays, year-round, in person, and has extended our audience to a national reach,” she said. Not too shabby for an online form builder!

Check out Goose the Market here or order online at Smoking Goose here.