Why Free Isn’t Always Better With Software

Written by Amber Derrow on March 28, 2014

Posted in Form Optimization

A lot of times, companies are faced with a decision: pay for something, or get it for free. It’s safe to say that most companies would take the free option, because, well, it’s free. But you don’t have to feel limited by a free product. When it comes to online forms, these free plans typically limit the amount of questions you can ask, limit the customization of themes and logo use, and limit the ways you can export and collect data.

There are a lot of reservations when it comes to purchasing a new tool or upgrading to a paid plan. Here are some tips to make the transition not only make sense, but to help justify your purchase:

Don’t Get Comfortable. Like any relationship, it’s easy to get comfortable. You might find yourself not really exploring other options and completely blind to the benefits you could be receiving with another software. Keep your eyes open to not only other apps, but better plans to fit your company’s needs. You may find that you are converting your company to fit a plan, rather than finding a plan to fit your company.

Explore Your Options. Many online form builders offer free trial runs to let you explore the benefits of other paid plans. This is a great way to explore additional features you may be missing out on with a free plan. Take advantage of these free trials; they are there to give you the opportunity to see what you’re missing out on. Formstack allows you to pick and choose which plan you would like to try for free in a 14-day trial. We also give you the option to upgrade and downgrade within those 14 days to find a plan that works perfectly for you.

The Approval Process, Can You Switch? One of the reasons a lot of companies choose to not switch softwares (or plans) is the approval process from superiors. There’s a long list of  people you have to go through to make the actual switch, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it in the long run. Well, it is. The best way to handle this is to come prepared. Have handy the benefits of switching, the amount of time you will save in the long run, and how the additional features will benefit the company. They’ll not only be impressed, but will be more than ready for the change.

Transition Phase. It can be a little intimidating to leave one software and jump to another. The thought of losing previously collected data is scary and something no company wants to deal with. Most programs allow you to export your data and once you decide on a new software, you can then upload that data. No data has to be lost, especially when just jumping from one plan to another. The only things that change are the added benefits you will begin to receive!

New Software Training. Every time a company begins using a new program, there are a lot of people that need trained. The best time to do this is after signing up for a free trial. Give your team members the chance to explore the software before you buy. Making sure everyone is comfortable with the new program is a great way to justify you’re making the right choice. Formstack also offers great tutorials and videos to guide this process along smoothly!

Save Even More Time. Most online form builders are created to save you time. No more HTML coding or complex steps to create a form, just good ole’ drag and drop features. Well that isn’t where your time has to stop improving. Formstack’s features, like Approval Workflow and the Payment Processors, cut your time in half, again. Sometimes, it takes a paid plan to see that you weren’t previously getting your money’s worth (or lack thereof).

No matter your reasons for sticking with a free plan, the idea of exploring other options is something every company should look into. The amount of money you spend on online forms can transform into the amount of hours spent to build, share, or collect data using a free plan.

Explore your options today. Sign up for our 14-day free trial and see the benefits you could have with a paid plan!

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