Formstack’s Higher Ed Form Kit: Free E-books, Themes, and More!

Written by Formstack on March 18, 2014

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E-books, gifs, graphics … oh my! Here at the ‘stack, we’ve been working hard to develop some form-centric resources for our higher education clients.

With Formstack, higher ed administrators can create and deploy branded web forms to engage with students, alumni, and staff as quickly as possible. The responses captured with Formstack forms can be stored in one account, shared with other co-workers, exported to spreadsheets, or sent to one of our third-party marketing integrations. And did you know that Formstack is the ONLY third-party form builder that is 508 compliant? We couldn’t even make up something that awesome.

So what’s this Higher Ed Form Kit, anyway? 
We’ve put together a useful higher ed forms package to help you get started with online data management. Can we brag for one second about the e-books and white papers you’ll get in the Higher Ed Form Kit? Get exclusive access to a new series of e-books and white papers tailored to the higher education industry. From the importance of 508 compliance to form security, you’ll be able to identify the features your team needs to capture more responses and start building forms today.

Check out the kit!

For those of you that just wanna dive in, we’ve created a few higher ed themes that are relevant to your needs – like alumni donation forms and admission forms. We’ve also included some simple social and header graphics that you can include to make your forms look extra pretty.

And in case you want to have a rockin’ Formstack party because you love our online forms so much, we put together some sa-weet Formstack BINGO (or should we say F-O-R-M-S?) cards and a forms-themed word search to flex your brain muscles. Not that your brain muscles need flexed … we already know you’re a genius for considering online forms for your team!

What’s included in the Higher Ed Form Kit?

  • Pre-built themes for quick form creation
  • A plethora of EXCLUSIVE tutorials and e-books to maximize your data capture
  • Pre-designed graphics for your survey or event forms
  • Hilarious higher ed gifs (or jifs?)
  • A printable Formstack BINGO card
  • And more!

So what are you waiting for? Download the fun (and free!) Higher Ed Form Kit today!

Download the Form Kit >>