Formstack Launches New Custom Subdomain Feature

Written by Formstack on October 15, 2014

Posted in Formstack Updates

You may have noticed your forms’ URLs always begin with Customers have been asking us for custom Subdomains, and we’re delighted to deliver this feature to every customer!

What Are Subdomains?
Subdomains allow you to create more branded URLs for your forms. Instead of web links that begin with only, they will now read “” Your form users will know they are in the right place!

Forms with personalized Subdomains will build greater trust among your form users. They will recognize your brand in the URL, creating a more secure customer experience.

Setting Up Subdomains
It is a very simple process to establish a Subdomain for your forms. First, login into your Formstack account and find the My Account menu. Click “URLs,” and a text box will appear. Now, you write in the Subdomain of your choice. Remember, this selection will appear on all your forms, so it should be something standard, such as your brand name. Voila! Custom web links! Need more help? Check out the Support doc for this feature.


Important Note About Your Subdomains
The addition of Subdomains will not affect your current forms. Formstack branded forms will continue to function seamlessly.

Avoid interruptions with future data collection by choosing a Subdomain for new forms. If you have an alias assigned to your Formstack URLs already, we’ve already assigned that as your Subdomain. Additionally, if you have not entered one within 30 days, Formstack will select a Subdomain for you. You are welcome to use it for as long as you like. However, if you decide to change your Subdomain later, form links with prior versions of a Subdomain will no longer work. You will need to update any links to direct users to the new form link.

Skip the hassle and enter your preferred Subdomain before November 15. Your branded forms will improve your user experience starting right away!