Formstack Launches New Analytics Tab + Improved Email Compliance

Written by Formstack on April 22, 2014

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Today, we launched a few new improvements to our form builder that will make it even easier to track and engage leads. We’ve improved our form Analytics functionality, meaning that you can better identify the strengths and weaknesses of your online form. Additionally, we changed how emails send, improving deliverability and keeping with industry standards.


Our newly added Analytics tab is a great tool for measuring form usage.  With this data, you can predict the actions of those visiting your form and improve the effectiveness of your submission responses.  The Analytics feature will automatically track Unique Views, Conversions, Conversion Rates, Abandonments and Abandonment Rates from those filing out your Form.

Additionally, we’ve added stronger functionality around identifying field bottlenecks, or what fields users are leaving your form. You can also access data on your top referrers and pull Analytics reports over a specified date range.

Accessing Analytics

To access the Analytics menu, navigate to your Form and click the “Analytics” tab.  Once you are in the Analytics menu, you can choose to view data from Today, the Past Week, Past Month or click the Custom option to create a specified Date Range. For more information about all of these different metrics, please visit our support doc on our newly improved Analytics.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 4.26.07 PM

Field Bottlenecking
A Field Bottleneck refers to the field that stops a user from completing and submitting the Form.  The User may fill out all fields on the Form, however once they hit certain Fields, they may exit out of the Form without completing or submitting.

Bottlenecking is only recorded on Required fields that are causing users to leave the form before submitting.  In the example below, my report is showing the the Form Field titled “Best time to contact you” has a high Bottlenecking rate.  If I notice my Abandonment Rates are high, then I might attribute this to the Bottlenecked Field and make adjustments to improve both the Abandonment and Bottleneck Rates. Field Bottlenecks is an analytics features available to our Teams plan and above.


Improved Email Compliance

We at Formstack aim to provide a great experience for the entirety of our service, including email. One of the common pain points for Email is failures in deliverability: emails going into spam or blocked by the mail server. We are making changes to how emails send, improving deliverability and keeping with industry standards, and we wanted to share and explain these updates with you.

1. Notification Emails that use an “Email” Form Field to set the sender will change. The actual “From” address will become “” The From Name will become the email address the submitter entered when completing their Form. This is to avoid a practice known as “spoofing”. Spoofing happens when the server sending the email doesn’t match the “From” address and is common to spam emails. Due to this, certain mail systems check for this mismatch and will give emails a higher spam score or block them outright. While the From Address is now “”, mail clients should still reply to the submitted email address.

2. Updates to the “Custom” From addresses for Notification Emails and Confirmation Emails will be updated.  If the Email address is from a public email service we treat it like Notification Emails using the “Email” Field. However, if the address is from your company’s domain we’ll send it as usual. That said, you and your system admins may need to approve Formstack to send on your behalf. Our Knowledge Base article about SPF records should help if you need to do this.

In either case where we adjust the data, we’ve made the changes in such a way that they should be invisible.

Any questions or comments? Please let us know in the comments below. Happy engaging!