Using Forms to Plan for the Fall Semester

Written by Laura Thrasher on April 25, 2014

Posted in Education

Higher ed administrators know that when the pace slows down over the summer, they can get a head start on preparing for a new school year. But let’s be honest: there is still a ton to be done during the summer months! That’s why a tool like Formstack can help you get ready by saving you time. Why not let online forms help you manage your pre-semester workload?

Alumni Update Forms
Students may have time off, but most alumni are working year-round. Summer is a great time to touch base with them and ensure that you have the most up-to-date contact information before you do a big homecoming push in the fall. With Formstack, you can integrate with your email marketing software so that any changes are updated to your database automatically.

Senior Surveys
Before they move on, create an exit survey for graduating seniors. As you build on it from year to year, you can look for trends in graduates’ employment, satisfaction rates, and more. This data can highlight successes (which can be used in promotional materials) as well as areas to focus additional attention. Formstack offers awesome charts and graphs to put your data into a visual format.

Reassigning Offices
Nearly every department will have a shuffle of offices as some staff and faculty leave and others are hired. And certain people might want a new view (or to get away from the office-mate who eats raw onions). By using a form for office change request, administrators can manage the process more simply—and hopefully avoid some of the politics involved!

Fall Promotional Requests
Planning ahead could help your marketing department get a head start over the summer. Set up a Formstack form to collect university-wide promotional requests. Since most departments will have their events on the calendar already, they can fill out an easy-to-use form to request the materials they need.

Orientation Registration
Running new-student orientations can be overwhelming for the most seasoned administrator, but Formstack can help keep you and your team organized. Create forms for event RSVPs, advising requests, campus tours, and more. With features like Routing Logic, you can designate specific recipients for each submission. That way, you can delegate but also keep an eye on the big picture.

Website Change Requests
Do your staff and faculty just send emails to IT when they need to make an update to their departmental website? It’s likely that those requests get pushed behind more urgent help tickets. By creating an online form to request website changes, your IT team can have one central location for all requests.

How you use Formstack in the summertime? Let us know in the comments below! Ready to sign up for a free trial and prep for next year? Try our product for 14-days at no charge!