3 Form Mistakes That Are Killing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Written by Sarah Quezada on December 9, 2014

Posted in Form Optimization

Is your landing page converting at a lower rate than expected? If you’ve implemented landing page best practices, it may not be the page design or content that’s killing your conversions.

It could be your web form.

Many marketers don’t realize that one little form flaw can affect an entire landing page. No matter what you’re promoting, you’ll want to avoid these three common mistakes at all costs.

Common Mistake #1: Mismatched Messaging
Have you ever been excited about a special offer only to be let down by the fine print? Or unable to find your deal on a website where it’s buried?

This is how your audience feels when your form doesn’t deliver on a promise you made in digital ads or landing page content. Common examples include:

  • Forms that require credit card info for “free” trials
  • Coupon promotions that lead to full-priced order forms
  • Contest forms that mask pre-checked email opt-in boxes

People fill out your forms because they’re excited about what’s in it for them. Your form needs to deliver on the offers you make in headlines and copy.

How To Fix It: Make sure your forms match every promise you make and don’t take liberties with customer interest. A few form field tweaks may be all you need to boost conversions.

Common Mistake #2: Too Many Form Fields
When using a landing page for lead generation it’s tempting to ask for a lot of customer data.


Even if you use a feature like Conditional Logic, too many form fields will cause visitors to leave out of frustration or become suspicious enough to provide false information.

Remember: Most visitors don’t know you yet. When asking total strangers to trust you with personal data, you should only request info you genuinely need. A one-on-one demo may warrant full names and a phone number. Your email newsletter signup or white paper download probably doesn’t.

How To Fix It: Whittle your forms down to as few fields as possible. Then, as prospects get to know you through email and social media, you can slowly ask for more.

Common Mistake #3: Lack of Form Design
Everyone knows that landing page design affects conversions. But forms are often an afterthought. Marketers will A/B test every last detail of a webpage without ever considering that a lack of form design could be killing conversions.

Forms without even just a little styling may be overlooked. This is especially true if your button is tiny and grey or your fields include hard-to-read fonts—a common mistake for forms that don’t adjust to mobile screens. A lack of branding, header images, and descriptions will keep your forms unnoticed.

How To Fix It: Customize your form buttons, then make sure your fonts are easy to read and your form headers and footers are branded and indicate the type of form they are filling out. And check to ensure it all looks good on PCs and mobile devices of various sizes.

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