Why Should I Be Using Form Analytics?

Written by Formstack on April 28, 2014

Posted in Analytics

If you’ve logged in to Formstack recently, you’ve probably noticed a brand-new Analytics tab. Sure, it’s fancy-looking, but are form analytics really worth your time? We think so! That’s why our team worked to make your form metrics easier to understand and apply to your marketing efforts. Here’s a brief introduction to why you should pay attention to your Analytics tab:

What It Means
“Form analytics” is just a fancy way of saying “information about your form.” (Try using it in your everyday conversations and see how impressed people are.) With Analytics, you get a greater understanding of how much people want to fill out your form, as well what promo tactics are working. Formstack will automatically track unique views, conversions, conversion rates, abandonments, and abandonment rates. Additionally, your tab will display “Top Referrals,” or the websites that are driving traffic to your form. This is helpful if you are running PPC campaigns or other online advertising on your form. All of this information displayed under the new “Analytics” tab – no plugin needed!

Why the Numbers Matter
Even if you’re not much of a number-cruncher, remember that each unique view is a potential customer. Every abandonment is a person who didn’t finish your form or make a purchase. The whole point of an online form is to collect data, not get ditched halfway through. With our improved “Field Bottlenecks” feature, available for our Teams plan and above, you can see exactly which fields are causing users to abandon your form. This knowledge can help you revise your form to make it more understandable. Eliminating a bottleneck or clarifying form fields is easy—but you have to realize there’s a problem before you can fix it.

What Analytics Can Teach You
When you review your metrics, you get a better idea of how people flow through your form. Do users fill out “Name” and abandon on “Phone Number”? Then get rid of that as a required field! Do you have a ton of abandonments? Maybe you need to shorten the form so it’s not as off-putting. Strong forms increase your conversion rates. When you use Analytics data to improve your form, you can have a positive impact on conversions.

It’s An Art Form (Pun Intended)
When you make changes, you can test their impact. (Here’s a great Formstack post on A/B testing your forms.) Form-building is an art, not a science. Form analytics help you determine what your customers need and expect. As you notice patterns, you’ll be better able to predict what will work best. Start digging into the Analytics tab and improving your forms today!