6 Holiday Facebook Contests to Turn “Likes” into Real Leads

Written by Abby Nieten on December 12, 2014

Posted in Lead Generation

The holiday season is the perfect time to engage social media users with sweepstakes, giveaways, and other promotions. Join in the holiday buzz and engage your audience with creative, festive campaigns.

With Formstack’s Facebook Embed Tab, you can run contests right on your Facebook page. Leverage our social media integrations to generate real leads. No more getting stuck with dead-end “likes.” Embedded forms let you capture email addresses and other valuable data from new fans and future customers.

The only challenge? Coming up with new and different promotions. Formstack’s here to help! We’ve brainstormed six creative ideas you can use for holiday-themed Facebook contests that are sure to be a hit:

1. Holiday Quiz
Does your company sell multiple products? Create a short, fun quiz to help customers learn which merchandise meets their personalities. For example, a women’s clothing retailer could title it “What’s Your Scarf Style?” and ask three questions alongside a field to collect email addresses.

Offering a few prizes is a small price to pay for all the potential leads and product endorsements. The company can encourage respondents to share results with friends and to invite others on their holiday shopping lists to take it, too.

Field to use for a quiz: Radio buttons

Holiday incentive idea: Discount code to buy items suggested in quiz results

2. Holiday Photo Contest
Never used a File Upload field in your forms? Here’s your chance! Host a holiday-themed photo contest and invite followers to upload favorite pics.

Ask contestants to opt in to your email list so they can be notified when results are in. Have your team come up with a unique way to present, post, and promote the winning pics.

Field to use for a photo contest: File Upload

Holiday incentive idea: Gift packages mailed to the winners (a good reason to collect mailing addresses in your form, too!)

3. “Dear Santa” Essay Contest
Here’s a way to get Facebook followers engaged with your brand: Pose a question such as “What would you do if Santa brought you a 50-piece box of truffles?” or “Why should Santa get you a one-year membership?”

When people fill out your embedded form, be sure to get their permission to publish responses. Then you can share and tag favorite answers before announcing the winner.

Field to use for essays: Long Answer

Holiday Incentive Idea: Free product, service, subscription or membership, depending on what you choose to promote

4. Fill-In-The-Blank Contest
Ask fans to finish a thought like “All I want for Christmas is _____” or “My favorite item on my child’s wish list this year is ______.” You could select a handful of favorites and invite followers to vote for the winner.

Field to use for fill-in-the-blanks: Short answer

Holiday incentive idea: Gift card to purchase the winning fill-in-the-blank gift

5. Who Wore It Best Contest
Have your employees dress up in ridiculous elf, reindeer, or North Pole garb, and invite fans and followers to rate the humorous photos. Also include a vote for their favorite charities. It’s a great way to engage customers and create goodwill that will last all year.

Field to use for ratings: Matrix Field

Holiday incentive idea: Employee with highest ratings publically presents a company donation to the winning charity

6. 12 Days of Christmas Contest
Each day, offer a new incentive in exchange for a different piece of information. You could mix in fun or silly offers to avoid asking for too much info that might make people leery.

For example, a local restaurant might ask for an email address one day to send a coupon, then a favorite flavor the next in exchange for a holiday drink or dessert on the house.

Which of these ideas will you use first? What other suggestions do you have? Let us know in the comments!