The Evolution of Formstack (Creation or Science?)

Written by Chris Byers on March 6, 2014

Posted in Formstack Updates

Just last week we had the opportunity to celebrate our 8th anniversary here at Formstack.  Someone pitched that I could write about the evolution of Formstack over that time, and it immediately took my mind to the recently (but not new) hot topic of how the earth was created. So, to be fair to both sides of the argument, I thought I’d present a history of Formstack from both angles.




The idea that customers should be able to create their own forms is birthed in Ade’s mind.

0 bits of data


The first iterations of Formstack begin to get passed to friends and family.

7 users sign up


The paid version of Formstack is released.

508 lines of code are live on the Internet


Out of a desire to build out a great marketing plan and team, Chris is hired to bring some wow factor to Formstack.

Free accounts > 10,000


Formstack realizes the great value in allowing customer the ability to pass their form data into third-party systems which provide new power to our form platform.

Campaign Monitor, Email Center Pro, Freshbooks, Google Spreadsheets, Highrise, & Mailchimp begin to operate using the Formstack REST API v1


In an epic transition, the new Formstack CEO, Chris Byers meets up with founder Ade Olonoh for about 3 hours one morning to transition the role so that Ade can move to San Francisco and live the big life in a new startup he founds. Most of the morning is spent passing usernames and passwords back and forth.

Free Accounts > 100,000


Formstack buys it’s most important purchase ever.  The ping pong table…which begets games like Power Struggle & Volleypong which will eventually lead to injured wrists and holes in the wall.

Monthly Form Submissions > 500,000


Formstack celebrates another nomination for the Indianapolis tech awards (MIRA) and looks forward to another night of tuxedos and dinner at a big hotel.

Total Forms Created > 250,000


The team is excited at growth but disappointed that we can’t all go to lunch together because when 20 people show-up, you can expect lunch to take two hours.

Apps Supported: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone


In a move that shows our willingness to change to accommodate life’s circumstances, we open the doors to remote working for all of our team.  Even our CEO left the state.

Payments Collected via Integrations > $100,000,000


In a more focused move than maybe we’ve ever made…we’ve doubled down on the core customer of Formstack aka Digital Marketing & Communications teams.  The 2014 roadmap for development has powerful features in store for Marcom.

171,281 lines of code

Like so many things in life, sometimes two opposing views actually marry together well to tell the same story through a deeper and more powerful way.

Thanks to all of you who’ve joined us for this journey over the past 8 years.