Event Registration Apps: How Does Formstack Compare?

Written by Formstack on March 13, 2014

Posted in Event Planning, Form Hacks

When it comes to selling tickets for your event, it’s smart to shop around for which website is the best fit for you. We investigated three of the most popular ticketing apps to help you compare their pros and cons, and also to see how they compare to Formstack.

Oh, did you think that Formstack only does online forms? Nope! Formstack is an awesome event management app—you can create event registration forms, volunteer forms, and event surveys with ease. Our new Event field makes it easy to manage ticket inventory and fees. And when you use Formstack instead of an event ticketing app, you get all of the powerful integrations we have to offer, including email marketing and CRM. And there are no service fees for ticket sales on our end!

We’re not worried that you want to check out our competitors—in fact, we welcome it. We are so confident in what Formstack has to offer that we laid it all out for you with fancy infographics.

Formstack as an Alternative to RegOnline
RegOnline offers powerful analytics tools to maximize your event marketing. However, on our Formstack vs. RegOnline page, you will see how the little things add up. RegOnline hits you with a hefty transaction fee for each ticket sold. In fact, RegOnline is the most expensive option in our head-to-head comparison. And if you want your guests to be able to name their own ticket prices, you will have to look elsewhere. Crunch the numbers for yourself >>

How Formstack Compares to TicketLeap
TicketLeap charges zero start-up fees and offers mobile event pages (as does Formstack), which is great. But TicketLeap charges a percentage of your ticket price plus a flat fee, which can nibble away at your profits. And since they are only compatible with two payment processors, your choices are limited. Formstack is a great TicketLeap alternative because we integrate with a whopping 11 different payment processors, and there is no service fee on our end. Take a look at all of the details on our TicketLeap comparison page >>

Eventbrite vs. Formstack
Eventbrite is undoubtedly a leader in event management tools. Their ticket registration page is great because you can easily see who else is attending. However, Eventbrite has a similar pricing strategy as TicketLeap, but chomps away a higher percentage of your ticket price. They only offer two choices of payment processors, and fail to offer free themes for a customized design. You can’t create a shareable attendee list, either. See how Formstack compares on our Eventbrite alternatives page >>