How to Create a Job Application Template

Written by Laura Thrasher on July 20, 2014

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Job applications are a great use of Formstack’s features. Hiring managers tend to need similar information from all applicants, even when posting different positions. That’s why building a job application template is a great way to save time. A job application template will also help you collect consistent information across all departments. Here, we’ll show you how to create a job application template that can be customized to fit different positions.

Step 1: Build your form.

Log in to your Formstack account. Click “Create Form” and under the pre-built forms, select “Job Application.”

1 field guide

Add the basic information that you require of each applicant. This might include contact information, education, and experience. Many hiring managers prefer to request only contact information and allow applicants to upload a cover letter and resume.

2 job app temp

Step 2: Determine your settings.

Under Settings > General, name your form to identify it as a template. We’ll call this example “Job Application Template.”

Under Settings > Email & Redirects, determine who will receive what kinds of emails. If you have someone who needs to receive a notification email about any applicants, include his or her email address here.  Create a default confirmation email that will be sent to all applicants, if you’d like. (You may want to leave this empty in the template, depending on your hiring process.)

In this example, we are sending a notification email to HR and a generic confirmation email to the applicant.

3 settings email

Step 3: Copy your template.

Once you have a working template, you are ready to create individual job applications. Go to the Forms tab and select your job application template. Click “Copy” and select “My Account.” Click “Copy” and you’ll see a new form appear with the word COPY next to it. Click the title and you’ll be in the copied version of the form. (Ta da! Since you’ve preserved your template, you can reuse it for other job applications.)

4 copy job app

Step 4: Customize your form to fit a job.

Rename the copy by clicking the pencil next to the title. (Remember to change the URL under General > URL and under General > Form Name, too.) Make it clear which job or department this job application is for. In our example, it’s for a Sales Manager.

5 change url

Then, customize the form features according to the unique job. You might include additional form fields under the “Build” tab if you require extra information from an applicant.

Step 5: Set up email notifications and approvals.

Under Settings > Emails & Redirects, set up who on your team should be notified of an application submission. Additionally, use approval workflow to approve or deny applications according to the hiring process for the position. That’s under Settings > Approvals.

In our example, we want HR and the Sales Department hiring manager to be approvers of the Sales Manager applications.

6 approval

Step 6: Test and publish your customized application.

Always test a form to make sure it functions the way you’d like. To publish your form, you can embed it on your website, email out a link, or even post it to your Facebook page.

7 embed

Step 7: Hire the best candidate.

Good luck with your hiring search!

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