How to Create a Brand Engagement Flow With Formstack

Written by Abby Nieten on January 22, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

You could have a thousand online forms in your Formstack account, collecting thousands of responses, but it won’t mean anything if your data just sits there, not being reviewed or shared. Creating an optimal brand engagement flow requires constant monitoring and directing your data to other apps. By keeping a clean data process, you can make sure you are communicating with your audience at the optimal time, resulting in brand retention.

If you’re hoping to use online forms as the first step in your audience engagement cycle, here are a few tips to ensure you are setting up your Formstack account for success:

  1. Monitor and test your form length. Marketers have quite the predicament when it comes to determining the length of their forms and the information they ask of their leads. If a form is too long, you might scare away users who don’t want to submit too much about themselves. On the other hand, a too-short form might not give you the customer insight you need. Leverage Formstack’s analytics features, and A/B test different forms and with varying lengths to determine the ideal combo for your audience. This will ensure a lower level of form abandonment.

  2. Maximize user permissions for better control and delegation. As an admin on your Formstack account, you can monitor which members of your team have access to certain forms or data. This can help you better delegate who manages what aspect of your brand engagement cycle. Additionally, this keeps your users from being confused by forms they might not even use. You can control what is shown in each user’s account, as well as give them access to themes for quick, branded form creation.

  3. Integrate your form. Seriously. One of the best ways to leverage your customer data is by passing it to an integration. Take some time to determine the best “next step” for your brand engagement cycle. Whether it’s nurturing leads in email marketing campaigns or sales outreach with a CRM, a form integration will prevent the dreaded “lost data scramble” that happens all too often with manual entry. Keep the conversation going using the apps that work best for your team.

  4. Collaborate on data for consistent audience engagement. Our forms can put your brand right in front of your audience, but we also let you put their data in front of the decision makers in your company. With features like Approval Workflow, simple data sharing, and notification emails, make sure that no customer interaction is lost on the web or in your coworker’s inbox.

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