Are Your Co-workers Your Biggest Security Threat?

Written by Laura Thrasher on April 17, 2014

Posted in IT + Security

With the Heartbleed bug still on everyone’s minds, it’s a great time to talk about digital security. (And remember, Formstack took proactive steps to protect our customers.) published an article this week on a key risk in your company’s resistance to hackers: that dude in the next cubicle. Even though a lot of people think that data security something the IT department needs to deal with, it’s actually the responsibility of your entire team. Formstack wants to make sure your business is taking every possible action to increase digital security—from the receptionist to the CEO.

Wishful Thinking: Pfff! We won’t get hacked.
Reality Check: 40% of small businesses have been the victim of a cyberattack.
Hackers can target anything from your online bank account to your company website. Are you taking the steps to protect yourself against the risk? Sometimes the solution is as simple as strengthening your passwords and keeping your technology updated. If you are in charge of your company website, be sure that you understand basic security measures and are regularly updating any security features. Everyone on your team matters—all it takes is one person using the password “password” to compromise your data security.

Wishful Thinking: I’ll deal with it if it happens.
Reality Check: Being proactive will save you time, money, and stress.
What happens when your coworker clicks on a malicious link? Or your laptop is stolen out of your car? Instead of reacting after the fact, take some time to educate your team about data security. Push for stronger password requirements (or require them in the first place). Enable email encryption. Set up company smartphones to require passcodes and to wipe data if someone attempts to break in. And if you use a software-as-a-service like Formstack, educate yourself to the security features that are available—and enable them. Formstack offers powerful security features like database encryption, 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and PGP.

Wishful Thinking: I don’t have time to become a data security expert.
Reality Check: You don’t have to be. Just don’t ignore the threats.
We understand—not everyone is a tech nerd who gets fired up about data security. And you have plenty on your plate already. But it’s worth noting that, as you rely more on technology to do business, you need to protect your business and your customers. Basic security measures are easy to accomplish and will go a long way. Formstack cares about your digital security—that’s why we have such robust security features—and we encourage you to bring that level of security to every type of technology you use.

What has been your biggest lesson in protecting company data? Let us know in the comments below!