Form Conversion Rate Benchmarks For Your Year-End Reporting

Written by Heather Mueller on December 16, 2014

Posted in Form Optimization

By now you may have seen Formstack’s 2014 Form Conversion Report. And you may be using it to gauge how your company’s form conversions stack up to others in your sector. To help, we’ve pulled together a quick-reference set of benchmarks you can use for year-end reporting. The following tables are based on data from more than 400,000 online form users.

If you use Formstack, you’ll find your own conversion rate within your form analytics. Otherwise, you can use this simple formula:

Conversion Rate = {# of visitors who completed form} / {# of people who saw it} x 100

Then compare it to averages in your industry:

Form Conversion Rate Benchmarks by Industry

Industry Average CR % Using Smart Logic* Average # Form Fields
Government 8% 32% 24
Higher Education 8% 22% 20
Marketing & Consulting 7% 36% 20
Media 7% 18% 17
Nonprofit 15% 40% 24
Religious 4% 43% 22
Small Business 13% 19% 24
Sports 19% 52% 16
Technology 14% 44% 22
All Industries 11%

* “Smart Logic” (called Conditional Logic at Formstack) changes the fields users see next based on their answers.


Form Conversion Rate Benchmarks by Country

  Average Form Conversion Rate
Australia 8%
Great Britain 8%
Canada 9%
United States 7%


Form Conversion Rate Benchmarks by Type of Form 

  Surveys CR Event Forms CR Contact Forms CR
All Industries & Countries 21% 11% 3%


Tips to Improve Your Stats
How well do your online forms convert compared with others in your sector? If you find yourself a bit below average, don’t fret! There are plenty of changes you can make to increase conversions. The following tips apply to all industries and countries.

  • Use Conditional Logic. It’s no coincidence that industries with the highest conversion rates (sports and nonprofits) are also among the most frequent users of “smart” forms that present new questions based on previous answers.
  • Keep forms short. The fewer the number of fields, the more likely people are to complete them. While there are exceptions—such as nonprofits that see higher returns on lengthy surveys—this is a good rule to live by.
  • Build better buttons. Your “submit” button is the final opportunity for conversions. Use a contrasting color so it stands out and a clear call to action to make it more clickable. Just changing “submit form” to “submit registration” on your button can lift conversions by 13%.
  • Offer a value proposition. People are far more likely to complete a form when they know what’s in it for them. State exactly what will happen once the form is completed. Offering an incentive can help as well.

Formstack makes it easy to put all of these tips into practice. Want to see the full conversion report? Download it here.