Student Feedback on College Sites that Aren’t Mobile-Optimized

Written by Amber Derrow on March 11, 2014

Posted in Education, Mobile Forms

Call it mobile-mania, call it a mobile takeover, but if your college site isn’t mobile-ready, you should probably just call it quits. Mobile-optimization not only creates higher student engagement, but it allows your university to be “on-the-go”.

More often than not, college students are on their phones, whether they’re walking, talking, eating, it doesn’t matter. (Can you say multi-taskers?) So, it’s no surprise that many businesses are going mobile. It is the easiest way to reach the younger generation. Higher education is evolving just as quickly; from digital textbooks to virtual learning, higher ed is becoming a leader in technology.

In fact, universities that are not leveraging tech in their marketing efforts are quickly coming up short. According to Noel Levitz, one out of five prospective students removed a university from their consideration after a bad mobile experience. Making sure your website responsive to mobile is no longer an option – it’s a necessity for your university to thrive.

If that doesn’t make you want to go mobile, look at what some students had to say about mobile-optimization and their universities:

“Sometimes the site that we have to look at grades and assignments doesn’t work on my phone. I typically have to visit the full site and zoom in. It’s extremely limiting.”
-Tyler O., Junior at the University of Indianapolis

“Mobile-optimization isn’t something that should be restricted to the educational realm. Everyone deserves to be able to use their phones and tablets without being frustrated.”
-Josh M., Senior at the Indiana State University

“When I land on a site that isn’t mobile-optimized I just move on. It’s too annoying to sit there and zoom in and out to read a sentence.”
-Melanie V., Sophomore at the Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis (IUPUI)

“A lot of times I want to check my grades when I’m not at school and I have to zoom in to read and it’s hard to do unless I’m sitting down. I can’t just whip out my laptop while I’m walking around the mall. I’m always mobile, so the sites I want to use should be too.”
-Hayley G., Junior at the Univerisity of Indianapolis

Having a mobile app or a mobile-optimized site is crucial in attracting not only college students, but everyone who has access to the internet. Don’t limit students to just a computer, give them the ability to access your site whenever, wherever they are.

How is your university going mobile? What considerations are you using when creating a mobile-minded marketing strategy?