How Online Forms Can Boost Prospective Student Engagement

Written by Brianna Class on January 13, 2014

Posted in Education, Form Hacks

If students can complete entire courses online, why can’t your department collect data online too? Digital marketing in higher education has never been more important, and online forms can help you better communicate with prospective students in a way that they actually consume information. Students are attracted to schools that are on top of their game with technology. They can also detect a college that is “behind the times” from a mile away, resulting in loss of interest. And loss of interest means loss of a customer.

Manual data entry from paper forms costs you time and energy, not to mention the cost of printing. In the process, it’s easy to lose track of paper forms. Losing a student’s information request results in disengagement and disinterest from the student.

When students leave college fairs, they leave with excitement and expectations. If other schools respond to them before your school does, they might forget why they loved your program more than others. If you leave your prospective students waiting too long to receive feedback, they’ll lose interest. Fast engagement leads to speeding up the enrollment process.

Formstack’s online form builder will help make your job easier and your lead generation process more efficient. Check out four ways online forms can make your workflow hassle free:

1. You’ll have more time to connect with students. Formstack gives you full control. You can choose to build a custom form using our drag-and-drop builder or you can use a pre-built contact form to collect leads. Formstack forms are also mobile ready, so when you set up a college fair you can have your lead gen forms out and ready to go on your laptop, tablet, mobile device, etc. Ditching those paper forms and a manual data entry process will free up time for you to focus on building relationships with prospective students.

2. You’ll easily organize data. We all know it can be a frustrating process to retrieve data in the right format, let alone in an organized fashion. When you leave a college fair, you probably feel like you have a prospecting hangover. Formstack allows you to be in control of your data. You can easily sort, create reports, generate charts, export, and share data in one location. Data collection never looked so good!

3. You can integrate with your existing marketing tools. This is where the process gets even easier. Formstack already has established integrations with quite a few web tools. So let’s say that you’re already using MailChimp as your email marketing tool- great! You’ll be able to set up an integration that connects prospective student leads to your marketing emails. Now you’ll be able to engage with prospective students right away and get the enrollment process started faster than before!

4. It’s more cost-efficient. No more waiting on developers. No more waiting on the printing press. No more loss of paper forms. No more wasted hours of data entry. Moving from paper to online forms is efficient not just for your workflow, but also for your budget.

Ready to try our form building tool and quickly engage with your prospective students? Sign up for a free trial of Formstack today!

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