How BidPal Generates Leads and Reduces Sales Time with Formstack

Written by Formstack on August 26, 2014

Posted in Case Studies, Lead Generation

Fundraising professionals have one main goal: to raise money. At one charity event, several attendees realized at the end of the night they had not donated the money they had intended to give. They had been distracted by the socializing and dining! Specifically, they had all bid on items in a pen-and-paper silent auction early in the night, but forgot to return and manage their bids. This group of guests pondered a better way. Then, they came up with the idea to offer handheld devices for bidding that would notify attendees if they’d been outbid and accept new offers on the spot.

BidPal was born.

BidPal is a software solution helping charities reach their mission one dollar at a time. This technology improves nonprofit fundraising events from beginning to end. They offer event management services, host automated auctions, and process payments without a 3rd party integration. In additional to events, they offer online fundraising services, consulting, and more. BidPal a smooth, intuitive solution for fundraising professionals. To learn more about BidPal, check out their website.

BidPal knows smart software tools. And that’s why they are proud Formstack users. “For any information gathering, we immediately think of Formstack and its integration to Salesforce. It’s become part of our DNA because it’s so easy, efficient, and time-saving,” said Dan Gross, Operations and Logistics Manager at BidPal.

Easy Does It
To start, BidPal was seeking to capture leads. They wanted to capitalize on website traffic and initiate post-event feedback surveys for customers. The goal was to find a solution that made form building and publishing simple. BidPal wanted to avoid hiring a developer to embed forms on the website. It was also crucial that the forms integrate with Salesforce to create a workable database for their sales team. BidPal began working with Formstack.

“We had our first post-event customer survey and web lead form built on the first day,” said Gross. They still enjoy the user-friendly interface and how quick it is to get forms up and running. “We come up with a business need, and we can have the information gathered and the form published by the end of the day. We can have results pushed into Salesforce in real-time and sent to whomever needs to receive it. Our employees get the data they need, when they need it.”

Maximizing Salesforce
Formstack forms are BidPal’s main source of new leads. One non-negotiable feature as they searched for a form solution was a simple, effective Salesforce integration. The outstanding feature for BidPal was being able to prepopulate Salesforce. “It’s streamlined and makes my day-to-day more manageable,” according to Jessica McCoy, Marketing Manager at BidPal. “It helps our sales team to see the lead source.”

They leverage this integration to track renewals and follow up in a custom manner based on form source. “From a marketing perspective, it helps us know where to focus our efforts. And from a sales perspective, it helps us know how to craft the response,” said Margaret Buschman, BidPal’s Digital Marketing Specialist.

Time to Spare
BidPal had significant time savings in both creating forms, as well as the integration. But still, the more their company has leveraged online forms, the more they realize how much time they are saving. They recently launched an online ordering campaign using Formstack to gather customer purchasing information. The other data collection option was a 30-minute phone call for each customer. In total, their online campaign with Formstack saved BidPal three weeks of sales time!

BidPal knows Formstack has saved their business money and increased revenue. They reduced their Salesforce license needs thanks to their Formstack-Salesforce workflow. They also capitalized on Formstack’s flexibility to ditch extra survey tools. Instead, they quickly and easily create surveys with Formstack.

BidPal has experimented with Formstack registrations and other software for hosting seminars. The other option was not designed specifically for form submission. “We got significantly more registrations with Formstack,” said McCoy. “Expertise is key.”

Formstack is happy to be experts at form building, so brilliant, helpful technologies like Bipal can be experts at their work. To check out BidPal’s fundraising tools, click here.