7 Ways B2B Marketers Can Keep Conversions Strong During the Holidays

Written by Heather Mueller on December 1, 2014

Posted in Lead Generation

Feeling end-of-the-year doldrums? You’re not alone—many B2B businesses get in a slump. Sure, the holiday shopping season is a win for retailers and other consumer-oriented industries. But when you’re selling services or products to other businesses, keeping up conversions this time of year can be a challenge.

In Q4, budgets are dwindling and minds are more on holiday PTO requests than “the next big thing.” Talk about a challenging time to generate high quality leads! Here are 7 steps you can take to generate leads and conversions into the New Year:

1. Try something new.
Sounds simple, but it’s true: Shaking things up even a little can result in a big lift in conversions. Perhaps you have a form on the contact page of your website, but haven’t gotten around to collecting prospect info elsewhere. Now’s the time to put your form-building account to use!

Our Form Conversion Report revealed just 3% of website visitors fill out contact forms. But contests? Those convert at 28%. That’s nine times more opportunity to generate new leads. For example, you could package up your best blog posts into an end-of-year report and offer it as a free PDF download in exchange for some personal information. (Bonus if you can sweeten the offer with a compelling holiday tie-in.)

2. Go forth and survey.
Contests may take the trophy when it comes to best-performing forms, but surveys are a close second at a 21% conversion rate. Factor in that people check Facebook 14 times a day (or more, now that they’re standing in line to buy holiday gifts and peppermint mochas) and you’ve got a golden lead generation opportunity. Try posing a one-question poll or brief survey on Facebook. A can’t-resist holiday incentive won’t hurt, either.

3. Encourage referrals.
Your best brand advocates? Loyal clients. Why not give them opportunities to spread a little holiday cheer? B2C companies do this all the time, and it can be an effective tactic when selling to other businesses, too.

It might be as simple as giving respondents an opportunity to tweet or share the results of a fun quiz. Or go a step further and offer an incentive—such as a free upgrade or beta testing spot—for client referrals. (Just be sure to add a field for collecting referrals on your forms to keep track of that data.)

4. Motivate employees.
We live in a social (media) world, where individual staffers play an important role in promoting your forms and offers online. Boost end-of-year bonuses with extra incentives, such as a commission for any employee-generated leads that result in new business now through the end of Q1 in the coming year.

5. Drop a field (or three).
Fewer form fields tend to correlate with higher conversions. Use this slow time to review your current forms and see where you can condense, use Conditional Logic, and apply other painless methods for shortening them.

6. Qualify leads.
If your problem is too many leads (yes, it can happen), it could mean you’re over-collecting and sharing data. Before going after more prospects in the New Year, dig into your database to see if you’ve missed opportunities to convert existing ones. Then come up with a plan for qualifying new leads moving forward.

With Formstack, you can use Email Logic to route notification emails to a gatekeeper tasked with pre-qualifying leads before sending them on to sales directors or marketing execs. 

7. Prepare for 2015.
Even if you had a great year, there’s always room for improvement. December can be a great time to conduct a brand audit or do a deep-dive analytics review to assess what went right, uncover opportunities for getting even stronger and prepare your team to hit the ground running January 1. (O.K, maybe January 2.)

Formstack makes it easy to do all of the above.
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