How the U.S. Army FMWR Implemented Approval Workflow

Written by Formstack on January 3, 2014

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Recently, we debuted our Approval Workflow feature, which allows Formstack users to approve, deny, or comment on form submissions. Approval Workflow features robust functionality that enables teams to quickly collaborate on data, including multi-step approvals, approval routing, and submission access via email.

We’ve identified three organizations that are successfully developing their business processes around Approval Workflow. We hope to provide your company with case studies about early adopters of Approval Workflow, as well as to inspire your team to start transferring files and communication online.

Customer Spotlight: Kathleen Hutchinson, United States Army
Kathleen Hutchinson is the director of marketing and advertising for the Fort Irwin Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Program (FMWR) within the United States Army.

According to its website, the Fort Irwin FMWR “offers a comprehensive network of support and leisure services designed to enhance the well being of our Fort Irwin community.” This includes family and youth programs, recreation and sport opportunities, and dining and entertainment options. Hutchinson’s major responsibility is to promote the services and programs that are set up and offered through this organization.

The Tech Problem:
Hutchinson and the Fort Irwin FMWR were previously using another form building service, but the organization needed a solution with the ability to pass data through multiple users for approval.

“We needed a simple solution to compile data into a database, but we also wanted a functionality similar to Formstack’s new Approval Workflow feature,” said Hutchinson. “We signed up for three free trials with various form building sites, and Formstack was definitely the most user-friendly.”

The Solution:
Hutchinson is now using Approval Workflow to manage promotional tasks for the Fort Irwin FMWR. The feature helps them review marketing requests that come in through the various programs under the FMWR.

“If a program head has a service or special that he or she wants to promote, we ask the individual to submit a marketing request. We have a form where departments can request marketing assistance,” said Hutchinson. “With routing logic, the submission goes to the department head that needs to approve it. If they approve it, then it goes to us.”

As newer customers to Formstack, Hutchinson and her team is excited to learn more about the forms and features they can leverage with Formstack. Hutchinson is especially excited about the payment gateway integrations and hopes to use Formstack forms to eventually collect payments.

Ready to try Approval Workflow at your Business? 
Now that we’ve built upon our initial feature, we want to give users the ability to try it for free. If you are on the Starter or Professional plan, but would like to try Formstack’s Approval Workflow, we are offering 30-day trial access to this specific feature. To start your 30-day test period, just click on the “Approvals” section within your form’s Settings tab.

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