Announcement: Formstack Now Offers 508 Compliant Online Forms

Written by Formstack on February 24, 2014

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So, we’ve got some pretty awesome news we want to share with you. Like, really awesome. If you’re a super form nerd like us, you might think it’s really REALLY awesome.

We are proud to announce that Formstack is Section 508 compliant! So what does that mean? It means that users with disabilities can now fill out online forms created on Formstack. We are the first third-party online form builder on the market to achieve 508 compliance.

What is 508 compliance?
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires federal agencies to provide accessibility to electronic and information technology to people with disabilities. All institutions that receive federal funding are required to use 508 compliant technologies, which includes government, public higher ed, and public K-12 schools. Many large companies have also voluntarily chosen to be 508 compliant, requiring that forms circulated internally meet these standards. If you are a part of a federal-funded industry, or if your company has these internal regulations, you must choose software products that are 508 compliant.

How will 508 compliance work when building forms?
When Formstack customers build online forms, they will be prompted to include certain settings that comply with accessibility regulations. Additionally, the form builder will warn users if they attempt to include features that are not supported by assistive technology.

How does 508 compliance affect my industry?
Here are just a few of the ways you can better engage with any customer online using 508-compliant forms:

  1. Higher Education: With Formstack, anyone with diabilities can use assistive technology to fill out your online forms. Our 508 compliance helps to eliminate the barrier to filling out requests for information, housing applications, and more. For example, these students no longer have to ask for assistance to fill out a scholarship application; they have equal access to the form on your website.
  2. Nonprofit: Whether you offer online forms for staff or the public, Formstack’s 508 compliance assures you that users with disabilities are able to submit them. Users can easily sign up for your newsletter or fill out volunteer applications. Using a 508 compliant form demonstrates that your business values accessibility, while Formstack’s user-friendly interface simplifies the creation and management of your forms.
  3. Government: City, county, or state government websites are required to be accessible, which means they have not been able to take advantage of software like Formstack. Now that Formstack is 508 compliant, government offices can use it to streamline their data collection and management. If you use Formstack to manage employment applications or citation payments, you can be confident that the forms you create will be usable by anyone. And don’t worry about making an accessibility mistake: when you create a form, you will be guided to choose the appropriate options for compliance. Formstack will also notify you if you choose an option that is not 508 compliant.

Accessibility for All
No matter what your industry, Formstack’s 508 compliance makes it easier for you to serve all of your customers. We are proud to help Formstack users to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities and provide equal access to online forms. If you’re interested in signing up for a free trial of Formstack and testing our 508-compliant builder for yourself, please sign up for a free trial below.

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