How to Use Analytics to Maximize Event Registrations

Written by Laura Thrasher on June 4, 2014

Posted in Analytics, Event Planning

Formstack’s Analytics feature helps you zero in on your forms’ strengths and weaknesses. You can leverage it to improve your form for more success.

Your data may reveal that a lot of people start filling out your form but give up without finishing. It’s not that they’re all a bunch of quitters: high abandonment rates indicate a problem with your form. You’re not closing the deal.

If you use Formstack to manage your event registration, you may have encountered some common trouble spots. Review your analytics to see if you need to make these three adjustments to your form.

Is Your Form Too Long?

The rule of thumb for online forms tends to be, “The shorter, the better.” In fact, many contact forms only ask for name and email address.

But event registrations tend to require a little more info. The solution? Determine the most important information for you to collect and get rid of the rest.

Why is it so important to keep your form quick and easy? The Harvard Business Review reports that 31 percent of people use mobile devices as their primary method of accessing the internet.

If you’ve ever tried to fill out an extensive form on your phone, you know that can be aggravating. Test it yourself: fill out the form on your own phone!

Do You Use Too Many Required Fields?

Many event registration forms err on the side of requiring too many fields. I recently saw one that required 18 of 23 fields. That’s a lot of red asterisks!

Their guest experience likely unfolds like this: enter info and submit, get an error message because I missed a required field, go back and include more information, submit again, get another error message, get frustrated, quit.

If you review your registration form analytics and see high bottleneck rates, your guests are telling you they don’t like the required fields. In fact, they would rather NOT register than share the information you require!

This problem has an easy fix: require fewer fields. Registration numbers will likely increase, and you’ll still collect a whole lot of data.

Is Your Form Intimidating or Confusing?

Perhaps you have a lot of visitors to your event registration page but few submissions. A low conversion rate means that few people are willing to click “submit.”

What about your form turns people away? Your form may seem clear to you, but guests may find it confusing. Try adding instructions for clarification.

Some forms have to be kind of long—we get that. If that’s your situation, the length of your form might be scaring people away. Consider using a two-page approach: have just a few fields on the first page. By the time your guests click to the second page, they are already invested in completing the form and are likely to continue.

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