7 Must-Have Elements for the Perfect Event Landing Page

Written by Abby Nieten on July 14, 2014

Posted in Event Planning, Form Optimization

When you are juggling all of the details of your event, a landing page may not be high on the priority list. You know you need one, but you might not have enough time to research the most important details to include. Let Formstack take the guesswork out of it. We’ve scoured the literature on landing-page optimization to help you build the perfect event landing page.

Even if you’re pressed for time, here are the 7 essential elements your event landing page needs to have:

1. Event details

Remember those birthday party invitations you got in the mail as a kid? They only included the basics. Your visitors need to know the who, what, when, where, and why of your event. Include a map or parking directions, if necessary. You might be tempted to share a ton of information about your organization in a landing page, but keep it simple. Your event landing page needs one clear purpose: to sign up participants!

2. Value proposition

You might be hosting a fundraiser, concert, or 5K. No matter what type of event, it provides something of value to your attendees. Communicate your proposition clearly and concisely. When a guest visits your landing page, they should immediately understand what they gain when they sign up to attend your event.

Examples of value that your event might add:

  • Unique experience (concert, gallery opening)
  • Knowledge (wine tasting, guest speaker)
  • Community (charity fundraiser, reunion)
  • Competition (race, obstacle challenge)

3. Sign-up form

If no one shows up, it doesn’t matter how great the hors d’oeuvres are. Capture registrant data at your landing page with an event registration form. Use features such as conditional logic, which customizes and shortens your form. Include an electronic signature field if you require a waiver. Always include a customized confirmation email, which allows you to follow up with guests.

4. Clear call-to-action button

You want visitors to your landing page to take action, which usually involves clicking “submit.” When users hover over the submit button, you’ve captured their attention at the last moment before they decide to sign up. For the highest conversion rates, don’t use a default for your button text. Take advantage of the opportunity; customize your call to action to fit your event.

5. Social sharing

Your event landing page is a great place to include a link to your social pages. Link to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social profiles. Invite guests to connect with you and to post about their interest in your event. (Be sure to display your event hashtag, while you’re at it!) Your followers can be more engaged with your event, right from registration.

6. Mobile optimization

Over half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, so be sure your landing page is ready for any type of user. If your guests are frustrated with a hard-to-navigate page, they might not register. Formstack’s online forms are automatically mobile-optimized they are accessible from any device. All users can fill in their information and submit their forms, whether from a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

7. Help or contact information

Be sure to include contact information on your event landing page. It might seem minor, but some guests will have a question about the event or have trouble registering. You don’t want to them to have a negative experience and lose interest. If you have a complicated event, include a link to a FAQ page. At that point, add a contact form so that guests can ask questions if they are still confused.

Close the deal with the perfect page

If you have a guest who is on the fence about attending your event, a great event landing page can help convince them to participate. Include only the essential information for your event and keep your focus on conversions. Since events average a high conversion rate, they are a great opportunity to capture data.

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