6 Tricks to Create a Visually Engaging Form

Written by Sarah Quezada on August 9, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks

In a world of Instagram and Pinterest, visual appeal has never been more important. Think outside the vertical list of questions with your forms and catch your customers’ eyes. There are many ways to choose fonts, images, and color to create a stunning form that will demand attention.

These 6 tricks will take your form’s look to the next level. Let’s get started!

1. Choosing a Canvas
Start by making a decision about your Page Background. You can leave it at the default setting, choose a new color or pattern, or upload your custom image.

To find your options, select “Theme” at the bottom of the left-hand column in the builder. Under general styling, you’ll see “Page Background.” Click the box to pick a color or select “Use Image” to add a pattern or your own photo. It will automatically tile unless you check “Don’t Repeat Image.”

2. Start at the Top
Still in the “Theme” tap, you’ll see “Add a Header Image” at the top of your form. You can choose to leave this blank or upload a logo or custom pic that will show at the top of all your form’s pages.

3. Break Visual Monotony
When you are building your form, you can add a “Section” under “Structural Fields.” It allows you to add a header for a new section. There is a also a photo upload icon in the content box. Add an engaging image to keep users moving through your form.

4. Now We’re Talking (Looking?)
Let’s really get this form Pinterest-ready. You can also use the “Section” field to create visual questions. What am I talking about? Skip the “Heading” blank and leave it empty. Then, upload an image with the question overlaid on the photo. You can stick with professional design software, or try free tools like PicMonkey or Canva.

Now here’s the best hack. Since you already posed the question in the image, you don’t need to ask it again. But you still need the fields for responses. Drag and drop you answer box (consider horizontal arrangement for checkboxes). The builder will have a place for the question, but leave it blank.

But what about that star for required? It won’t stop you. When you look at your form in the builder, you’ll still see the asterisk. Preview your form, though, and voila! Just your image question and blank response fields.

5. Simplicity of Image
Love a clean look? For each new “Section” field you add, you can check “Start New Page.” Your respondents will be able to answer just one question at a time.

They will move through a beautiful series of images with individual questions. You can activate the Progress Indicator so they always know how far along they are.

6. Don’t Forget the Words
Just because your form is now full of gorgeous images, don’t forget to style any text fields you may have included.

Return to the “Theme” tab and click on any of your text fields. You’ll be able to select font, size, and color.

Take advantage of your dazzling new creation. These visual forms are perfect for promoting on social media. You may even try sharing on Pinterest to drive new traffic.

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