6 Forms That Practically Organize Homecoming For You

Written by Abby Nieten on September 5, 2014

Posted in Education, Form Hacks

Classes are in full swing, footballs are flying, leaves are changing colors…homecoming is almost here! Soon it will be time to get ready for a long, lazy weekend filled with nothing but fun events and happy reunions.

Unless, of course, you’re the one planning it.

If you’re in charge of your university’s homecoming preparations, we have good news: Formstack can pack power into virtually every aspect of the weekend’s events and festivities. Try out these six ideas for forms you can use to more easily plan, manage and promote homecoming:

1. Alumni Update Forms
If you haven’t already updated your alumni database, there’s still time to gather info you’ll need to stay connected. Send a quick email to touch base and ensure you have the most up-to-date contact information before you start pushing events and registrations.

2. Ticket Sale Forms
The easier you make it for people to buy tickets, the faster you’ll sell out. Formstack integrates with popular payment processors so you can offer multiple options and make it easier than ever for people to pay. You can direct everyone to the same ticket sale form or give students and alumni the option to purchase tickets each time they fill out a relevant application or register for an event. (Just be sure to enable SSL any time you ask for credit card numbers or other sensitive information.

3. Event Registration Forms
Set up short, simple registration forms for each significant event—from alumni awards ceremonies to donor breakfasts to tours—so you’ll have all the data you need for thank you emails, surveys and other important follow ups.

4. Contest and Competition Forms
Homecoming is one of the most engaging (and engaged) seasons you’ll have all year, so take advantage of it! This is a time when students, faculty, graduates and parents are all discussing the latest university news and updates, and contests are a great way to encourage even more social sharing. Use a Facebook tab to collect submissions, link tweets to form completions and customize an attractive template to get your forms Pinterest and Instagram-ready. You’ll be promoting your school and collecting valuable data at the same time.

5. Nomination and Application Forms
Homecoming court nominations to gather? Booth requests to collect? Parade applications to sort? Forget about PDF downloads and piles of paper to sift through. Use forms to collect all the information you need and route it to the right staff for easy organizing.

6. Survey Forms
Last, but not least, is collecting feedback—from students, alumni, prospectives and others—you can use for next year’s homecoming events and festivities. Better yet, segment out a series of post-homecoming surveys you can use to not only gather responses but also set the stage for communications year-round. (Looking for ideas on questions to ask? Check out the surveys section of the blog.)

How do forms help your team plan for homecoming?
Which of the above suggestions will you try out for this year’s events? Tell us about it in the comments!