5 Simple Tips that Will Make Event Planning Easier

Written by Laura Thrasher on May 9, 2014

Posted in Event Planning, Lead Generation

Do you feel like you’re channeling Santa when you plan events—making a list, checking it twice?  It can be overwhelming to pull off a great event because there are SO. MANY. DETAILS. To help you out, we at Formstack wanted to share five must-do’s to create an amazing event.

Focus on Content

People aren’t coming to your event for the chips and dip. They’re coming for the content. Give your guests something of high value: a great speaker, band, networking, or knowledge. Your guests are trading their time to receive something from you. Be sure that it’s the highest quality that your organization can create. High-value content isn’t always expensive, but it is never accidental. Determine what your guests need and do your best to deliver.

Use Strong Email Subject Lines

Sending timely reminder and follow-up emails can increase the success of your event. But it’s a delicate balance—too many reminders and people will be annoyed. Too few and you may lose attendees because they forgot about your event. According to MailChimp.com, the word “reminder” is one of the worst words to include in a subject line! Include additional information instead of “Big Fancy Event Reminder.” For example, something like “Parking Options for Big Fancy Event” or “Win an Exclusive VIP Pass for Big Fancy Event” will give your guests a reason to open the email.

Confirm, Confirm, Confirm

You are being diligent to recruit and confirm your guests, so why aren’t you doing the same with your vendors? Designate someone on your team to take the lead on vendor confirmation. Ensure that each company knows the who, what, when, where, and how much. Even the best vendors drop the ball sometimes. Touch base two weeks out, one week out, and one day out. Vendor confirmation is totally worth the effort—and is way easier than dealing with no port-o-potties on the big day!

Capture Leads at the Event

Every event will have a few rogue guests—people for whom you have no contact information. Since you have no way to follow up with them, they are lost leads. To maximize the potential for connecting with every single attendee, plan for a way to capture leads at the event. Set up an attractive information table with treats or merchandise. Include a laptop or tablet to allow guests to enter their information onto a contact form. Or display a QR code on a banner or poster, which you can link to your mobile-optimized form. In just a few seconds, an event guest can opt in to your marketing list.

Make Your Follow-Up Plan Before the Event

When the last guest leaves, you want to celebrate, not craft a follow-up email marketing campaign. Get your communications ready before the event begins. Most email marketing clients allow you to automate and schedule messages. Build a follow-up survey for your guests that will be sent out the next day, whether you’re in the office or sleeping in.

Online Forms for Event Planning

With Formstack, you can cross one more thing off your to-do list … the registration form! Create a ticketing form in seconds with our simple online form builder. From the initial reg form to the final survey, don’t let online forms consume your planning frenzy.

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