5 Reasons Online Forms are Essential for Brand Engagement

Written by Abby Nieten on January 16, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

When creating brand engagement plans, it can be fun and motivating to brainstorm high-level strategies and tactics. The less exciting part is always assessing data trends and researching the tools you need to actually reach those goals. However, this is an important step to actually succeeding with your digital marketing strategy.

If you’re struggling with audience engagement, online forms can be a great way to streamline that communication process, as well as to start capturing and analyzing data. Need some more convincing? Here are 5 major reasons online forms should be your first step to better brand management:

  1. Quick Communication. There is no longer a need to send form requests to your IT department and then wait hours – or maybe days – for them to build it. With online form builders, like Formstack, anybody can quickly build and deploy forms with no coding knowledge. You don’t deserve to wait around for an IT guy (or girl) when you can DIY an online form in minutes.

  2. Flexible Form Sharing. When you’re at the mercy of your IT department, they have a lot of control over how your form is published. If it’s easier for them to embed it on an existing page, that’s most likely how it will turn out. With Formstack, you have the flexibility of easily embedding your form on a site (we even handle the code!) or customizing it and sharing it on its own. We want your form to be effective for your brand engagement goals, and our software doesn’t have “a million other projects on our plate.” Heard that one before?

  3. Low Brand Fragmentation. When every department is waiting around for a form to be built, people might start taking matters into their own hands. However, the problem with everyone coding their own forms is that this often leads to varying quality when it comes to those forms. Customers might get turned off by the low-grade, hackjob form that someone created just because I NEEDED IT RIGHT NOW. With Formstack, you can create a branded form theme that can be implemented by any user on your account. Now, users can quickly build a form and make it look good without the wait.

  4. Real Time Data. One of the biggest barriers to audience engagement is feedback lag. If you send them a paper survey or try to communicate via email, it can take forever to get their feedback to the right people. Using an online form builder, you can set up notification emails that are sent to the key players on your team the second a form is filled out. This way, you can keep the communication flow going. Customers are always impressed by speedy replies.

  5. Simple Collaboration. Not only is data collected in Formstack instantaneous, but it’s all stored in one place. Who knows how much data is lost when it’s stored on a dozen different spreadsheets, on a dozen different computers, getting saved and emailed to a dozen different people who download it to their desktops? With Formstack, it’s easy to store and share data with a custom URL. If you want to amp up your brand engagement flow, you can also set up integrations, where your data is passed to another app without manual entry. Ahh – can’t you just feel all of the pieces falling into place?

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