5 Must-Have Church Fundraiser Forms

Written by Abby Nieten on May 4, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks

The best church fundraising ideas are unique and fun, but they still take a lot of planning. From registration to donation forms, Formstack makes it easy to streamline the process of raising money for your church. With online forms, you can make your best church fundraiser events even better with just a few clicks.

Toddler Triathlon
Kids have energy to burn. Why not put them to the test in a toddler triathlon? Create a short course that includes running (or toddling), tricycle-riding, and swimming (splashing through a series of baby pools). Formstack can help you create a registration form for the “competitors.” To raise money, the kids (who are we kidding, the parents) seek sponsorship from friends and family. Simply build an online donation form in which sponsors can specify the child’s name and the amount they would like to donate. Kids don’t even need to go door-to-door: parents can solicit donations through email or social media.

This summer fundraiser is sure to attract a crowd! At the event itself, set up a refreshment stand to encourage more donations—including access to a mobile donation form for on-the-spot giving. After the race, award small prizes to your tiny fundraisers: stickers, bubbles, and balloons are sure to please.

Worship Night with Food Trucks
Invite local talent to the stage by hosting a worship night. And when hungry young people pour out after the event, offer local food trucks to feed them! With Formstack, you can build a contract for the band or the food truck vendors that establish your terms for the event. By including an electronic signature field, your vendors can sign and submit the form instantly, without printing or scanning. To encourage participation, create an RSVP form with a field to collect donations. That way, you’ll make it easy for people to donate
even if they can’t attend the event.

Set An Extra Plate
The classic pancake breakfast or spaghetti night is a great church fundraising idea, but it doesn’t hurt to give an old standby a little twist once in a while. When selling tickets, why not ask people to buy an extra plate? If you specify where the extra money is going—whether to a local food bank or to fund one of your ministries—you are likely to increase your donations. Formstack has an easy-to-use “Event” form field that lets you sell tickets. You can determine a fixed or variable price, or you can allow your guests to set their own prices. You might be surprised at how many people will give a little extra just because you asked.

Potluck and Silent Auction
To spice up the usual potluck event, include a silent auction to raise funds. Donated items are bid on by guests throughout the meal, with the item going to the highest bidder. Encourage a little friendly competition between the main course and the Jell-O salad, nudging donors to up the ante. Best of all, you don’t need to rely on cash or check to collect funds at the end of the night. Process credit and debit cards by using a Formstack payment form, and allow donors to pay from a laptop or mobile device before they leave. (No more tracking down donations!)

Around the World Fundraiser
To support mission trips, create an event with international flair. Serve samples of traditional dishes, decorate with flags and photographs, and play local music. Doing so lets donors feel like they are a part of the team. Invite trip members to speak about why they are participating in a mission trip and what they hope to accomplish. Set up a table to process donations with a click. After the event, run a quick report on donors to ensure that each person is thanked for their generosity.

Let Formstack change the way you plan your next great church fundraiser. Sign up for a free trial now and build all of these forms in minutes!