5 Key Takeaways from the 2014 Form Conversions Report

Written by Chris Lucas on June 3, 2014

Posted in Form Optimization, Reports + White Papers

Conversion rates are an important focus of marketers. Higher rates mean increased leads and positive ROI on marketing initiatives. Are you constantly asking yourself how to increase conversion rates on your campaigns? Well, others are too.

After noticing a lack of information on web form conversions, Formstack looked to our own 400,000+ user accounts, spanning nine industries. We distilled that group data down to insightful, user-friendly information for marketers. This 2014 Form Conversion Report displays benchmark findings on the conversion rates for industries, types of forms, and more.

Download the report and see how your business ranks in form conversion:

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Here are 5 key takeaways from our 2014 Form Conversion Report:

Changing One Word Can Increase Conversions Up To 250%
It’s easy to forget a strong call to action when creating a form. Thankfully, it’s also easy to change.

Our research highlighted how a clear, focused “submit” button can dramatically increase results.  Specialized copy, such as “Submit Registration” can convert more than twice as much as just “Submit Form.”

Strategic Form Promotion Times Exist
When are users submitting forms? We compared various form types across all hours of the day and discovered most forms are completed around 1 p.m.

This data can be extremely valuable for marketers, who can leverage it to create strategic promotion efforts. The report delves into more specific windows of promotion based on form type. Boosting engagement during these times can lead to increased conversions.

Long Forms Can Capture High Responses
Shorter forms typically perform better. However, sometimes you just need more information. Good news: high conversions are still possible.

Surveys, for example, average 21 fields, but still capture a monumental 21% response rate. When creating a longer form, it’s important to provide a clear benefit to users, such as knowing their feedback will be heard.

Forms Need a Strong Value Proposition
Surveys, contests, and event registrations convert the highest traffic. Perks, such as knowing an opinion was heard or the chance to win a prize, will give users a reason to complete your form.

These form types also have more creative potential. Think about your data collection. Are there innovative ways you can capture the same information?

Focused Analysis Can Provide Valuable Insight
In 2012, Marketing Sherpa researched average website conversion rates by industry. The company reported a 2% conversion rate for nonprofits. In our look Form Conversion Report, however, we saw an impressive 15% rate. If you are struggling with web conversions, including forms may boost your engagement.

Zeroing in such a specific aspect of web conversions makes this report invaluable for marketers who want to get the most out of online engagement. To read the entire report, download it for free now!