5 Integrations for Better Student Engagement

Written by Sarah Quezada on February 14, 2014

Posted in Education, Form Hacks

There are so many distractions vying for the attention of university students. It can be hard to create the engagement you want when a change of plans is just a text message away.

Formstack wants to help. We may not be able to convince them that eight tacos at 3 a.m. is a bad idea, but our integrations can help students stay connected to some of the other most important moments of their college experience. Here are five integrations you can use to engage with more students:

1) CRM

Customer Relationship Management tools can help you keep in touch with prospective students and remember those unique details. Use Formstack to integrate Visit Day registration forms or applications to connect right in to their individualized contact information. Track birthdays, graduation years and even favorite foods with this type of integration, which helps you to engage future students in the most personalized manner. That high school senior will no doubt feel right at home on your campus.

2) Google Docs

As the marketplace encourages ever-increasing collaboration and teamwork, group projects have a bright future in higher education. Avoid that ill-fated team question – “Is this the most recent version?”  – by linking your forms with cloud storage like Google Docs. Everyone in the group can enter their details for the project and upload files that can easily be shared among members. This can also be a great tool to encourage staff or department collaboration for writing projects, conference presentations or even shared documentation of campus events.

3) Email

Sure, every professor loves it when a student uses Facebook messaging to ask a question about a paper, but let’s be honest, email is still the main mode of campus-wide communication. Formstack makes it ridiculously easy to capture email addresses and connect them to email tools like MailChimp or Aweber. With one click on a link (or scanning the custom QR code) students can sign up on their phones and join mailing lists for World History Class, Badminton Club, and of course… the Students Who One Day Hope to Give Lots of Money Back to the University group.

4) PayPal

Want students to register online for the 80’s Skate Night? Maybe more importantly, do you need them to pay upfront so you can rent the rink? Include the PayPal integration right into the registration form and save yourself the hassle of collecting money the night of the event or remembering to bring enough change when everyone pulls out a twenty to cover the $8 charge. Everything can be set up securely so you don’t have any kind of scandal on your hands.

5) Twitter

Let social media create buzz and grow your event exponentially (we think it works similarly to compound interest, but who really knows?). Our Twitter integration can let anyone who signs up share the good news with their followers. “@grad03 is planning to win this year’s Alumni 5K. Get on the starting line! Register at 5K.com/register.“ “I just applied to @thisuniversity! Come with me this fall! thisuniversity.edu.” We can help you set up a custom tweet to get the word out about the events you want to share!

Simplify your workload and commit your energy to connecting students in the ways that matter most. These are just a few of our full list of integration partners. You can sign up quickly and easily for a free trial of Formstack below and learn first-hand how you can increase engagement on campus!