The 5 Best Integrations for Church Forms

Written by Laura Thrasher on April 16, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks

Lots of churches use Formstack to manage events and program registrations, volunteer sign-ups, and applications. Online forms streamline data collection and save churches a bunch of time. But why stop there? Formstack gives you dozens of options to integrate with web services you already use (or need to check out). Integration means that Formstack can “talk” to your other online services, sending information back and forth, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Take a look at how Formstack’s integrations can help your church be more efficient:

Email Marketing
Email marketing is a convenient and effective way to keep in touch with your church members. If you’re not using a strategic email marketing campaign, give it a try. You can segment your email list to send promotional emails about women’s or men’s events, new ministry initiatives, and more. Formstack integrates with several top email marketing services to help keep members’ contact information up-to-date. When a member submits a form signing up for VBS, for example, Formstack will automatically verify their contact information or add new contacts to your email marketing database. This saves your administrators tons of time because they don’t have to manually enter that data.

Formstack’s integrations with document storage providers allow you to store and share documents in the cloud. If you collect waivers for retreats, essays for scholarships, or simply want to share documents internally, this is a great feature. Any file uploaded to your Formstack form can be stored and shared in the cloud for future access, even if your computer melts down. And depending on how much space your church needs, this can be a free add-on.

Collecting money is easier if payment processing is easier. Formstack integrates with 11 of the most popular payment gateways on the web. It’s simple to create an online payment form that connects with a reputable payment processor. You can use it for event payments or to encourage online giving. The processors offer helpful features like creating recurrent payment options for automatic giving.

Customer Relationship Management
Churches need an efficient way of managing their members. If you use a CRM, you can take advantage of Formstack’s integration with major CRM platforms. Doing so makes it easy to keep track of your members’ information and your interactions with them. For example, if members fill out an online form requesting pastoral care, Formstack can automatically update their CRM listings. This allows your staff to keep good records so they can focus on people, not data entry.

Social Media
As more churches use social media, they are finding it’s a great way to increase buzz around special events and engage members during the week. Formstack integrates with Twitter to create a customized tweet when a form is filled out. This feature is especially useful when planning events and launching new ministries. Be sure to ask for users’ Twitter handles so you can mention them in the tweet.

How do you use Formstack integrations at your church? Let us know in the comments below!