Are These 5 Things Hurting Your Event Signups?

Written by Laura Thrasher on June 9, 2014

Posted in Event Planning, Form Optimization

Events are only as successful as their sign-up process. After all, it doesn’t matter that you have a great caterer if no one shows up! Be sure you’re avoiding these common mistakes when you are taking the first steps in planning your event.

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1. Scheduling Conflicts.

First thing’s first! Your guests can’t be in two places at the same time, so be sure to choose the date carefully. Search out competing events in your area such as major school, sports, or annual holiday events. Of course you’ll check your community calendars, but why not ask your guests, too? Build a survey with Formstack and offer 2-4 possible dates to choose from. Use the data to determine the best date for the most people (and also create charts that will convince your boss that the junior high square dance is a major conflict).

2. Confusing Registration Forms. 

The best registration forms are clear and quick. Try to capture the least amount of essential information so your users don’t feel burdened by the registration process. You can also break your form into two pages so it appears shorter. And take advantage of your form builder’s features! Formstack offers conditional logic, which “hides” fields that may not apply to each user. That way, the form is more relevant and faster to fill out.

 3. Social Media Missteps. 

Promoting an event on social media used to be easy—you created a Facebook event and people showed up. With so much competing for your guests’ attention now, your marketing team needs to keep a consistent focus on social media. Include a unique hashtag in your materials and begin communicating with it along all platforms. Engage with guests on social media, answer questions, and keep the event in your online conversations. If you integrate your registration form with Twitter, Formstack will automatically tweet for you!

 4. Weak Confirmation Process. 

So you’ve gotten people to register, but are you dropping the ball when it comes to confirming their attendance? When you recruit and confirm, you can double or triple the number of attendees at your event. Even though phone calls are time-consuming, they can result in up to a 75% increase in attendance. Automatic text messages are another confirmation option. (Just be sure to collect mobile phone numbers during registration!) Email reminders can be helpful but are more easily ignored. Be sure to include relevant information in the email subject line to encourage opens and click-through.

 5. Minimal Follow-Up. 

Do you take care of your guests after they sign up? Set up a customized confirmation email to provide essential information such as parking, maps, and dress code. Include a link to your event’s landing page as well as to your social media accounts. That way, a confirmation email fills its primary function—to confirm registration—but also invites your guests to engage further with your event.

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