5 Formstack Integrations for Better Brand Engagement

Written by Abby Nieten on January 20, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

We’re not going to toot our own horn – okay, maybe we will a little bit – but one of the best things about Formstack is how easy it is to quickly build and publish a variety of online forms. However, the other beauty of Formstack is the ability to export, share, analyze and (insert other biz buzzword here) your customer data.

One of the easiest ways to fast track brand engagement is by sending submitted form data to an integration that will help you quickly circle back to your audience. With Formstack, you can set up the ability to pass data to a variety of popular web apps that are built solely for stronger digital engagement.

If you’re considering online forms for your audience engagement strategy, here are 5 of our integration types that can help build even deeper relationships with your customers:

  1. Email Marketing. If you’re not including email marketing in your brand engagement strategy, quit reading this and go build a campaign. Seriously. Why are you still reading? We kid, but think about it: email marketing platforms provide you the ability to communicate with your customers using one of the most direct digital mediums. By integrating your form with one of these apps, you can automatically add any new leads into an email list. That way, you can continue to engage them with branded content.

  2. CRM. Customer Relationship Management platforms allow you to thoroughly track interactions with your audience. From a tweet to, yes, a submitted form, you can quickly recall conversations with certain customers, making each brand interaction a customized and positive one. Integrate your contact or registration form with your CRM for more insight into your audience.

  3. Box/Dropbox. Collecting photos or documents for an event or contest? Don’t rely on email attachments to collect this type of data. Conducting these types of interactions via email can be a nightmare for file sharing. What if you want to send a colleague a conference submission, but accidentally attach that selfie you took last night? Awkward. With Formstack, you can connect your form to your Box or Dropbox account, and any uploaded files will go right into cloud storage.

  4. Payment Gateway. Numbers are always better when there’s a dollar sign in front of them. Use Formstack to create donation, product check-out, event registration forms and other payment pages. We make it easy to collect money and send it to your payment gateway. Just connect the payment form to your account and set up the necessary security requirements to keep it all legit.

  5. Social Media. Our Twitter integration can automatically tweet at any user who submits a form. This can be a great way to promote a conference or contest (i.e. “@evachristine09 just registered for #Formstackcon2014! You can too at …). Not only does it lead to possible retweets or link clicks, but it helps your audience feel part of a larger event or initiative. Just make sure you ask for their Twitter handle in the form.

These are just a few of our integration types, so check out our Integrations page for a full list of our partners. Ready to build a form and start building a brand engagement flow for your team? Sign up for a free, full-featured trial of Formstack today!

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