4 Winning Contests for a Facebook Form

Written by Laura Thrasher on June 30, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

There are a whopping 25 million active small business pages on Facebook, and I bet you have one of them. Did you know you can leverage your Facebook page with Formstack? With our Facebook integration, you can quickly insert a Formstack form into your Facebook business page. No coding, no fancy footwork—just install and voila! Awesome forms for your customers.

Social media contests are a popular way to attract attention, but many businesses find that it’s hard to convert “likes” to leads. With Formstack, you can run a Facebook contest that requests participants’ email addresses, ensuring that you have a way to follow up with entrants and add them to your email marketing list.

Take a look at 4 types of contests that can help generate buzz on your Facebook page:

1. Sweepstakes
A sweepstakes contest offers a great prize to one winner. Ask your customers to fill out a brief contact form and “like” your Facebook page in order to win. In doing so, you accumulate more page “likes” that are pushed to customers’ newsfeeds to increase your reach. The hope is that friends of your entrants will see the “like,” click through to your page, and perhaps enter the contest, as well. You also gain real contact information from your Facebook fans, which is more than a “like” alone can give you. Include a simple opt-in on your form like “Click here to join our newsletter” to generate qualified leads.

2. Instant Win
People love guaranteed wins! An instant win contest is a way for you to acquire more leads by offering a small prize, such as a coupon code or a branded item like a t-shirt. It’s a great way for you to increase your brand’s visibility. Since people love deals, offering an exclusive coupon code is a great way to build your email database and also drive new shoppers to your website.

3. Q&A Contest
Facebook is a casual atmosphere, so why not have a little fun? Formstack makes it easy to create a brief quiz that requests a customers’ email address. Ask entrants to vote on a new product name, choose their favorite dish at your restaurant, or pick the best local sports team. A quick Q&A can be playful and still provide new information about your customer base. Offer a chance to win a great prize or a smaller instant win to encourage participation.

4. Survey Contests
Offer a prize or deal in exchange for filling out a brief survey. That way, you get two great pieces of information from your customers: content and contact. You can use entrants’ responses to see what kind of demographic you are reaching or what they might want from your company. When they submit their email address, you can automatically add their information into your email marketing platform with Formstack’s integrations. Getting customer feedback can be a challenge; making it fun lowers the friction.

We are so pumped that our Facebook integration is available to help you generate leads and increase conversions from your Facebook page. How are you going to use it?