4 Ways to Wow Your Team with Data

Written by Sarah Quezada on August 13, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks

Collaboration is important for strong business. As “keeper of the form submissions,” you need to figure out the best way to share data with your teammates. You probably already have an idea of who prefers what information and in what format. Formstack is here to help you create data deliverables that will impress and inform everyone on your team.

Which team member can you identify with these commonly-heard data phrases?

“I don’t do numbers.”
Is there someone on your team who glazes over every time to you try to explain what’s happening behind the scenes? “I’m a visual learner,” he says. Not a problem. Wow him with Formstack’s easy-to-read charts.

Formstack immediately creates eye-pleasing pie charts and bar graphs with your data. Send a link to your visual guy and he can choose which chart to view the data without having access to details of the data.

“I need a little more.”
Some on your team may want more information than the charts provide. Share Formstack’s tables with your co-worker that needs details. She can use the custom sharing link to see what’s happening and form submissions in list form.

You will still manage the data. Your teammate cannot add or remove columns. She also cannot see individual submission details like location, IP Address, or browser. Still, your co-worker will be thrilled to get more information about the submissions received.

“I want up-to-the-minute updates.”
Tired of being hassled by your boss? “Any new applications today?” “How many have we sold since our meeting this morning?” “Did any submissions come in overnight?”

If someone needs or wants to be heavily involved in the data notification process, you can make it happen. Set him up to receive notification emails with each form submission or let him subscribe to your submission data.

Select “Everything” under share settings. You’ll find an RSS link you can share with your manager. Of course, it doesn’t mean he won’t still ask you for the information. But at least you’ve made access available and it’s clear you’re not hoarding data!

“I need another format.”
Want hard copies of your data? Need to upload it to Excel for more calculations? Formstack lets you export data with just the click of a button.

In the footer, you can select “all submissions” or “selected submissions” to export. Choose your format in the second drop down menu: CSV, Microsoft Excel, RTF, or PDF. Share your results in the way that best fits your data and your audience.

What other data predicaments do you encounter? We want to help! Let us know in the comments below.