4 Ways Media Companies Can Engage More Readers Online

Written by Abby Nieten on July 2, 2014

Posted in Lead Generation

Media is a 24/7 business and relies on tools that are always ready. Does your website have a way to turn traffic into engaged customers? With online forms, you can capture visitor information to build a base of loyal readers. Our benchmark Form Conversion Report reveals that media companies have a 7 percent conversion rate, which is one of the lowest among all industries.  To boost conversions, media can implement some of the techniques that have helped other types of businesses.

1. Increase traffic with guest bloggers
Many blogs and media outlets have seen guest blogging increase their traffic. Bringing in new writers keeps your blog fresh and drives new audiences to your website. Accept guest blog submissions with a simple online form. Include a file upload field so all guest posts go to a centralized database.

If your online form enables data logic, you can automatically notify the relevant editor of a submission. Then, the editor approves or denies the post. Creating a streamlined system for dealing with guest blog posts will keep your team organized and your bloggers happy.

2. Capture data on Facebook 
Fifty percent of social media users have shared a news story, image, or video. Media outlets can take advantage of the news feed by producing shareable content that interests readers. Then, when they click to your Facebook page, encourage readers to submit an online form.

Our form builder offers a plugin that allows you to post a form directly onto your company Facebook page. Followers can submit a form without ever leaving social media. Half of Facebook users get their news from Facebook. Increase conversions by putting a form in front of your followers.

3. Leverage confirmation emails
When customers contact you, it’s important to follow up. Confirmation emails have a traditionally high open rate, so they are the perfect opportunity to invite customers to connect on social media or sign up for your email newsletter. Only 18 percent of media companies take advantage of confirmation emails, which is the lowest rate by industry.

People who submit a letter to the editor, for example, might be interested in following your opinions page on social media. Customers that make a purchase might want to sign up for your weekly email for coupons. Use email logic to automatically customize confirmation email messages based on how a user fills out the form.

4. Choose high-converting forms
The type of form you use can make a difference in the number of conversions you obtain. Try using contests and surveys to encourage submissions. Contests convert at 28 percent and surveys convert at 21 percent, making them the two highest-converting forms. Contests are a fun way to increase social media interaction or promote events. Surveys help you gauge the effectiveness of features, content, and more. The data you collect allows you to evaluate how well you are reaching your audience.

Boost conversions and engagement
With one of the lowest form conversion rates, media companies have room for improvement. Online forms are a simple and efficient way to capture and act on reader information. You can develop better relationships with customers by changing the way your company uses online forms.