6 Ways to Leverage Formstack’s Facebook Embed Feature

Written by Laura Thrasher on June 16, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

Sure, Facebook can be a great platform for your business, but sometimes it feels like a bit of a dead end. Say a person is bopping around your Facebook page and “likes” it. What happens next? Well, probably not much. Hopefully, they will interact with your posts in the future, but there’s not a ton they can do except go back to watching their friends’ latest cat and/or baby videos.

(Cue the infomercial voice) UNTIL NOW! We’re happy to announce that with Formstack’s new Facebook Tab Embed, you will be able to insert a Formstack form right into your Facebook business page. You can use the plugin for all sorts of forms, and there is no complicated set-up or coding necessary. All you have to do is activate the feature within your ‘Publish’ tab and select the form you want to embed.

This feature is a great way to turn a ‘like’ into a lead. When the user doesn’t have to break away from Facebook to interact further with your brand, they are more likely to complete your form. So what kind of forms are most likely to engage your Facebook audience? Here are a few ideas:

Email Newsletter Sign-Up
Unless you have a contact form on your page, you’re probably missing out on leads. By adding a newsletter sign-up form to your Facebook page, you will give visitors an opportunity to opt in to further communications. If a customer likes you enough to “like” you, they are probably willing to hear from you on a regular basis. Take advantage of your Facebook relationship by inviting your fans to sign up for your email newsletter. If you want to draw even more attention to your newsletter sign up, take advantage of the real estate on your cover photo to add a little plug.

Event Registration
Using Facebook to publicize events is a great way to create excitement and engage with potential attendees. But wouldn’t it be better if guests could also RSVP for the event right where they’re talking about it? With a form on your Facebook page, guests can register for your event and buy tickets without linking to an external page. That means that your guests can respond quickly and easily.

Contest Entry
You’ve seen those contests that say, “Like this post to win!” But have you ever thought about the fact that you don’t get any usable contact information from a “like”? Formstack makes it easy to run a contest that actually results in lead generation. Requesting an email address in a contest entry means that you can add people to your email marketing list. Not only can you notify winners easily, you will have an opportunity to convert leads into customers.

Sell Merchandise
If you use Formstack to manage your payment forms, you can now include a form on your Facebook page to sell your products! It’s just like your Formstack payment form on your regular website, but without clicking away from Facebook. Remember, Formstack integrates with major payment processors to allow your customers to buy your products with just a click. Use Facebook to generate sales, not just online conversations.

Customer Surveys
If you launch a survey through Facebook, you can give it the air of a fun quiz instead of a drab customer feedback request. Take advantage of the social atmosphere and invite your Facebook fans to weigh in on their experiences with your brand. And offering a prize to incentivize participation never hurts.

Data Leverage
Once you’ve got customers filling out your forms on Facebook, it’s time to do something with your data. You can integrate Formstack with your email marketing platform, which means your customers’ contact information is automatically updated in your email database. You can also use the data you collect to build charts and graphs—a great feature for to visualize the results of surveys. And Formstack makes it easy to run customized reports, share data with your team, and more.

This feature is available for our top-tier, Teams and above plans. If you’re an existing customer who is considering this feature for your team, please reach out to our Sales Team for more information. Are you ready to convert your Facebook fans into customers with the Facebook Tab Embed? Sign up for a free trial below to test this feature now!