4 Surprising Reasons Why You Aren’t Converting Facebook Traffic

Written by Laura Thrasher on July 30, 2014

Posted in Lead Generation

The Facebook newsfeed is guarded by a mysterious wizard named Algorithm. He lets some posts through and restricts others. Okay, maybe it’s not a wizard, but Facebook does use an algorithm to determine whether or not your fans will see the content you have posted. Some of the factors include how often a person has interacted with your content, how many likes or shares a post has received, and how much a person has interacted with a type of post in the past.

This is a chicken-and-egg problem for businesses. If fans aren’t engaging with your content, it won’t appear in their news feed. But how can they engage with your content if it’s not in their news feed? If you are struggling to convert Facebook users into customers, you may be making one of these mistakes. Outsmart Algorithm and convert more leads!

1. You aren’t posting shareable content, so your posts aren’t visible to the friends of your fans
In one day, the average user spends about 33 minutes on Facebook over the course of 14 sessions. You only have a handful of opportunities to reach your followers. The first step to Facebook engagement is creating strong content to attract their attention.

Unfortunately, changes to the Facebook algorithm have hindered your organic reach. Businesses must post content that engage fans. Do they enjoy contests, photos, or fill-in-the blanks? Are they sharing inspiring quotes or funny pictures? Examine which posts have garnered the most sharing and liking in the past, and build on what is the most successful. That way, your posts will have higher visibility. 

2. You aren’t running promotions that require people to “like” your Facebook page
“Like-gating” is when you require a like to join your page or enter a contest. Doing so requires users to take action. The trick is this: you must add value to your customers to warrant a gate in your content. Use it sparingly.

For example, run a contest with a great prize. Eighty-five percent of people will share content from a brand after a promotion ends. Encourage your fans to take action by offering coupons: 42 percent of customers will like a page to receive a discount. A like-gated Facebook page is a great way to increase your impact and reach new followers.

3. Users have to leave Facebook to take action
If people are engaging with your Facebook page, you have a captive audience. Don’t force them to exit the Facebook environment to interact with you. Whether it’s an event registration form, a payment form, or a contest entry, make it as easy as possible for your fans to submit their information.

Instead of hoping that leads will click their way to your site, let them make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter from your Facebook page. Simply use the Formstack Facebook plugin, which allows you to post online forms directly to your Facebook page.

4. You aren’t using your banner photo to draw attention to your Facebook tab form
Want fans to fill out your forms? The banner photo can point the way. Create a fun, engaging graphic that points people to your Forms tab. Remember, you can name the tab whatever you want: Contest Entry, Register Now, or Contact Us. Customize it to increase fan engagement.

Your customers see a lot of online content. Forty percent of Facebook users visit the site multiple times a day. Making visual changes to your page, such as your banner photo, can help you stand out from the crowd.

Improve leads from Facebook with online forms
Just because you have a fan does not mean you have a customer. Include online forms on your Facebook page to have a new way to collect customer information. By submitting a form, fans can request email newsletters, enter contests, ask a question, and more. Best of all, they don’t need to leave the Facebook environment to engage with your brand.