4 Quick Online Payment Forms to Use in Higher Ed

Written by Laura Thrasher on March 5, 2014

Posted in Education, Payment Processing

It’s all about the Benjamins. But let’s be honest—no one actually carries Benjamins anymore. And in higher ed, dealing with payments can be a big hassle when it comes to balancing security and efficiency. People want to use trustworthy payment processors, and you want to have a transaction that is fast enough to keep them engaged.

Formstack turns your online forms into payment processing powerhouses. Using drag-and-drop setup, you can make quick and easy online payment forms. And because Formstack integrates with major payment processors, you can customize your form to fit what you need. Take a look at some great ways to use Formstack to accept payments online.

Application Fees
When prospective students apply for admission, they need to pay their application fee. But since they are not yet enrolled, they can’t be billed the same way as a current student. With Formstack, you can set up an admissions application that allows students to pay the fee on the same page.

Not only that, Formstack makes it easy to offer discounts or scholarships on your application fees. For example, if you run a promotional rate of 20% off application fees for attendees of a college fair, you can include a discount code option on your form. These are automatically calculated and are easy to manage from your Formstack account.

Student Organization Fundraisers
Fraternities, sororities, and student clubs often run fundraisers, but the days of standing on street corners with empty coffee cans are long gone. Formstack makes it easy for people to pay with plastic instead of spare change by integrating with popular payment processors like PayPal or Stripe. Now student organizations can let people be philanthropic without worrying about security. And because Formstack is mobile-optimized, students can have donors fill out payment forms right from their smartphone or tablet.

Alumni Events
Your alumni office probably charges for tickets to special events like homecoming. With Formstack, your alumni can register their contact information, class year, and more—all of which helps bolster your database of alumni. On the same form, participants can pay for their event tickets. Data collection and payment, in one fell swoop.

Bookstore Gear and Spirit Wear
Your school colors are a visual reminder of your university to alumni, parents, and the community. But not everyone can make it on campus to shop at your bookstore. Why not use Formstack to sell school spirit online? Formstack has automatic field calculation and the option to send order conformation emails.

With discount codes, you can offer exclusive coupons to VIPs—for example, offer a special alumni discount during homecoming, or one for families during parents’ weekend. That way, you can increase online sales during special events even from customers who are far away.

How do you use payment forms in higher ed? Do you have questions about how payment processors work? Let us know in the comments below!