4 Online Forms for Digital Marketers

Written by Abby Nieten on January 2, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks

Regardless of your lead generation or conversion goals, every marketing team needs a way to quickly gather data from their target audience. Formstack’s online form building product gives you the power to create professional, branded forms without any coding knowledge. Doesn’t that sound like a match made in marketing heaven?

If you need to engage with your audience right away (instead of waiting for a developer), use Formstack to build the forms you need. Here are four common forms your digital marketing team can deploy in minutes:

1. Email Newsletter Signups. Communicate with your customers in a place they visit every day – their inboxes. Create a newsletter signup form with a simple name and email field, which can then be embedded on your site or shared via a third-party URL. Before publishing your form, integrate it with one of Formstack’s email marketing partners. After that, all new submissions will automatically be added to your email list, making consistent messaging a breeze.

2. Surveys. Everyone has “that friend.” You know, the one who talks and talks and won’t let you get a word in? Don’t let your digital marketing strategy reflect that. Give your customers a chance to talk with feedback surveys. Using radio buttons, checkboxes and long answer fields, create a survey that gives your customers a voice. With conditional logic, you can hide specific fields and only show them if your customers answer your questions a certain way. You can even add a “Save and Resume Later” button for longer surveys.

3. Contest Forms. With our simple Themes creator, it’s easy to make a contest form that matches your brand. Add a logo, change the colors and text on your form, or customize it further using HTML or CSS. If your contest requires the entrant to submit a document or photo, our File Upload field makes it easy to collect and store those entries. Additionally, if you use Box or Dropbox, you can integrate it with the form and store all uploaded files directly in your account.

4. Event Registration Forms. The longer you wait for a developer to build out your registration form, the less time you have to promote your event to your audience. Quickly build a form for your event using our pre-built registration form, and add the finishing touches you need to get it out on your digital channels. Need to collect payments? Formstack integrates with many of the popular payment gateways, making it easy to process the funds and register your guests.

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