4 Online Form Stats That Will Help You Get More Leads

Written by Lance Padgett on July 23, 2014

Posted in Form Optimization

Online forms can help you increase leads and generate more sales if you know how to use them well. Formstack recently launched its benchmark Form Conversion Report. It peeks under the hood at over 400,000 users. Check out these surprising facts that will help you maximize your online forms.

Contact forms only convert at 3 percent.
Even though contact forms are some of the most popular types of forms, they convert at a very low rate. Why? First, they are passive. Users only submit them when they need something from your company. Additionally, many people resist sharing their personal information. Unless they see clear value, they probably won’t submit a contact form. Contact forms are important, but don’t rely on them to help you reach customers in a dynamic way.

If you want to collect more data from your customers, consider adding a different type of form to your repertoire. Contests, for example, have a 28 percent conversion rate. They are interactive, fun, and have a clear value proposition. Try launching one to increase your data collection.

One to two p.m. is the form submission happy hour.
The Form Conversion Report reveals a distinct trend: early afternoon is the most popular time to submit online forms. People are returning from lunch and gearing up for an afternoon of work. But first, they check their social media and email to see what is happening in the world…and they find an online form from their favorite company!

The after-lunch lull is a great time to maximize your marketing efforts. Prime the pump in the morning and time your social media and email blasts to take advantage of the after-lunch surge. Donations, event registrations, contests, and order forms are all top performers in this window. If you’re not getting the responses you want, consider changing the timing of your campaigns.

Sixty-one percent of form users said email marketing drives the most traffic to their forms.
Are you using your email marketing to the fullest? Encourage customers to fill out surveys, place orders, and register for events. Most online form users rely heavily on email marketing to connect users to their forms. Additionally, 62 percent of users get more conversions when they embed their form on their website. Email a link to an embedded form and maintain brand consistency.

Email and forms can talk to one another if you leverage integrations between your email marketing client and your form builder. When users fill out your form, Formstack can automatically pass the information to your email client. Update contact information, add people to mailing lists, and more—automatically.

Surveys are the longest type of form—but they have one of the highest conversion rates.
The type of form you use can make a difference in the number of submissions you get. Try using surveys to capture more customer data. Surveys convert at 21 percent and are the second-highest-converting forms. Leverage them to help you gauge the customer opinions (and gather valuable data).

It might seem counterintuitive that a long form could have a high conversion rate. Many surveys include a “smart” form feature that automatically shows or hides questions based on how users fill out your form. Smart forms customize the experience. They shorten your form but still capture all the data you need.

Increase conversions with online forms.
Wondering how your conversion rates compare to your industry? Download the Form Conversion Report for free!