4 Inspiring Company Earth Day Campaigns

Written by Sarah Quezada on April 24, 2014

Posted in Lead Generation

Tuesday was Earth Day, an annual celebration of the great planet we call home and an opportunity to raise awareness about how we can care for her better. Several companies took note of the special day. For example, did you catch Google’s Earth Day doodles?


But as social responsibility continues to become an area of focus for industry, many companies launched initiatives to do their part for the environment. Here were four of our favorites:

What to do with that old iPad or iPhone you’re no longer using? Take it to your nearest Apple store!

The company has been offering gift cards for iPods and iPhones in good enough condition for resale. On Earth Day, they announced their decision to now accept any discarded product in any condition for recycling. (Sorry, no gift card if they can’t resell it.)

In addition, the Earth Day initiative included a promise from the company to move all stores, offices and data centers to renewable energy.

You may have seen #GlobalSelfie trending on your social media sites this Earth Day. These pics were part of NASA’s campaign to create a global mosaic of the Earth from the ground up.

Participates were invited to step outside and “take a selfie” that included identifying markers of location either in the picture (signs, etc) or in the description. This project shines attention on NASA’s earth-focused missions planned for 2014.

As if you didn’t feel good enough about your decision to take a cruise, Carnival is going the extra mile to make sure you feel good enough to hug a tree.

Their Earth Day announcement confirmed they are on track to meet their goal to reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions by 20%. They began making changes these changes in 2005 and are now expecting to exceed the goal by 2015.

The creative initiative award goes to the Smithsonian, who released on Earth Day the song “Sumatran Tiger” to 400 people, representing the 400 remaining Sumatran Tigers in the world.

The song recipients have been tasked with “breeding” the song on social media with the hashtag #EndangeredSong. You can see updates about the campaign and conversations on the song’s website.

These were some of our favorite brand contributions to Earth Day. What creative or inspiring initiatives did you see? How did you participate in Earth Day?

Here at Formstack, we celebrated with our own #PledgePaperless campaign, encouraging an environmentally sustainable workplace through the reduction of paper waste.

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