3 Ways to Use Analytics Data to Improve Your Forms

Written by Laura Thrasher on May 6, 2014

Posted in Analytics

Once you’ve got a hang of what your Analytics numbers mean, it’s time to use the data to make some adjustments to your form. Here are a few common scenarios and easy tweaks to increase your conversion rates:

Scenario #1: High unique views, low conversion rate, low bottleneck rates
Customer thoughts:  “Ugh, this form is too ____________!”
Improvement: Shorten your form. Clarify your instructions. Ask for less information.

This scenario means that plenty of people are visiting your form but few people are actually submitting. It’s lost leads and lost sales. There are a few possible problems with your form.

Your form might be too long. Forms that are longer than four fields have a significantly lower conversion rate.

Your form might be confusing. Are your fields labeled clearly? Do you need to include some brief instructions?

Your form might be intrusive. Don’t ask for personal or sensitive information. If you must (for example, in a payment form), be sure your security measures are clearly communicated.

Your form might have an overwhelming layout. Use multiple pages to keep your form visually simple.

Scenario #2: High abandonment rate, high bottleneck rates
Customer thoughts: “Stupid required fields!”
Improvement: Eliminate the asterisks.

Your users are getting stuck and giving up. High bottlenecks indicate areas where your required fields (the ones with the asterisks) are causing users to abandon the form. If you eliminate the requirement—or the entire field—you will likely see an improvement in conversions. You’ll also have happier customers, since high rates of abandonment and bottlenecks go hand-in-hand with high rates of frustration.

Scenario #3: Low unique views, high conversion rate
Customer thoughts: “What form?”
Improvement: Increase marketing initiatives.

The problem here isn’t really your form—it’s getting people to see it. Distribute your link on social media and in email marketing. Integrate with Twitter to publicize when a user submits the form. Create buzz for your form to increase the number of submissions!

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