3 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Remote Team

Written by Guest Blogger on December 18, 2014

Posted in Human Resources

Scratching your head for what to get that co-worker working remotely? It is never an easy task to consider what a colleague would enjoy for Christmas. But then you throw in distance and lines at the post office, and you eliminate viable gift ideas even further.

Here is a list of great organizations who offer the opportunity to give a donation in honor of the person or team of your choice. It’s a great way to show appreciation to your remote worker while filling their heart with holiday cheer.

“In your honor, children in Guatemala City will have a new pair of shoes and school supplies for school next year.”
Organization: Lemonade International works in the largest urban slum in Guatemala City. They offer the opportunity to choose from 8 meaningful “Give Christmas” gifts for the children in their academies, scholars and teachers.

How to share with your co-worker: A downloadable card is available to print, fold, personalize, and mail to your colleague.

“In your honor, children and families will be rescued from slavery”
Organization: International Justice Mission sends teams around the world to investigate slave facilities, partner with police to rescue victims, and provide aftercare so survivors can build new lives.

How to share with your co-worker: IJM will mail you a physical card to include a personal note and mail to your colleague.

“In your honor, roof shingles were given to a house for a family in need of stable and affordable housing.”
Organization: Habitat for Humanity helps families break the cycle of poverty and build long-term financial security by building homes so everyone has a decent place to live.

How to share with your co-worker: You are given the option to customize and send an e-card through the donation process or check a box to receive a physical card for personalizing and sending to your colleague.

Have you donated in honor of a loved one before? What was the best part about their response?

rsz_photo3About the Author
Katie Hoiland is Director of Communications of Lemonade International, which partners with local leaders as they facilitate community development programs in solidarity with the people of La Limonada in Guatemala City. Katie, and her husband Tim live in Tempe, Arizona where they both work remotely.