How to Make the Most of Your Video Testimonial Initiatives

Written by Guest Blogger on September 23, 2013

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Displaying video testimonials on your website can help build trust with prospects while increasing conversion rates.  It’s really a matter of collecting videos with the right software and figuring out what configuration works best.

You see, video testimonials can be a great tool for your business ifand this is a big ifyou use them properly. And with a little thought and planning, you can make the most of your testimonial initiatives.

So, who’s recording the video?

Obviously, you’re going to want videos from consumers who are familiar with your brand. And no, you can’t have Aunt Ethel sit in front of a webcam and gush over how trustworthy you are, for fear that she’ll go off on a tangent about how cute you looked at your senior prom.

You need to capture videos from existing customers who will ease any anxiety prospects might have about your product or service. Keep in mind that prospects want to hear from other consumers—not paid spokespeople.

What types of questions are you asking?

When capturing video testimonials, you’ll want to ask for information that will be most useful in easing the worries and concerns of prospects. You should ask questions that pertain to the quality of your service or product, the customer service experience, etc.

Here are some helpful examples:

  • How did our product or service save you money?
  • How did our product or service save you time?
  • How have you benefited most from our product or service?
  • What did you think of the quality of our product or service?
  • How was your recent experience with our customer support team?

Where are you streaming the videos?

When it comes to placing your videos, you need to consider the specificity of the testimonial. You’ll want to focus on what’s being discussed in the video, and then decide where it will be most effective on your site.

For example, a testimonial about the value of your productor your excellent customer servicecould be placed on the order/checkout/signup page. When placed here, the video will address any reservations a prospect might have about completing that final step. Remember: Prospects are way more likely to convert if they have the green light from other consumers.

Also, consider making small adjustments after adding videos to your page. You may notice that the video is more effective when placed at the top of the page vs. the bottom. Next, consider the length of the video. Consumers might get turned off or lose focus if the video is too long-winded and fluffy. Sorry, Aunt Ethel.

Parting Thoughts

With video testimonials, it’s not as simple as following a formula and finding instant success. Keep track of where you’re placing the video testimonials and what they’re doing for your business. Be sure to check in and evaluate what’s effective and what’s not. Don’t be afraid to change things up if your current placements aren’t working. Like every other marketing initiative, it’s an iterative process.

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Sean Rosensteel is the Head of Business Development at Bravo Video, a software that enables businesses to capture video from customers, users and fansright over the web.  

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