Using Formstack to Plan your Wedding

Written by Jessica Ernsberger on February 15, 2013

Posted in Form Hacks

The list of things to get done after that pretty, shiny, OH so important ring gets slipped on your finger can be overwhelming to say the least. Why not use Formstack to add organization, simplicity and ease to this stressful (yet exciting) season of life? I used  these forms in a variety of ways to plan for my big wedding day!

Virtual Address Book
Most gals my age do not have an actual address book full of loved ones’ addresses. Everyone can be reached via Facebook if we ever need that information, right? Well, what do you do when you need hundreds of addresses all at once? I for one, certainly did not have enough time to call all of those people! So I created a simple contact form that I emailed everyone through Facebook. Within one week I had at least 90% of the addresses I needed (with the exception of people like Grandma who don’t have a computer anyway). These addresses were all laid out in my submissions tab, which made it so simple to address all of our invitations.

My fiancée happens to be an artist, so he was really excited about creating the invitations himself. But, what if everyone could RSVP online? They would still get the beautiful invitation to hang on their refrigerator, yet they wouldn’t have the hassle of remembering to mail the RSVP card. They simply just went online and filled out a quick form. That way, I got a quick and easy list of those who would be attending the wedding. I didn’t have to waste money on more printing or stamps. My fiancée also designed a website for the wedding. The Formstack form was beautiful, matched the invitation, was easy to embed on the site, and was easy for my guests to find.

Wedding Gift/Honeymoon Donation
Although it may sound tacky, we didn’t need a million more towels and toasters as gifts. But, because we were paying for our own wedding, we needed help paying for the honeymoon! We did some quick wedding etiquette research and found that it is actually couth to ask friends and family for Honeymoon donations instead of wedding gifts. Hey, if the internet says it’s OK, it must be – right? So we created a form that our guests could fill out online before the day of the ceremony, where they could donate money to our Honeymoon as a gift. This way they could save the hassle of buying a card and writing a check, and we could receive the gift before ever leaving for the actual Honeymoon. We simply allowed a field for the amount they wanted to give, a field for comments (as if it were an actual card) and used the Paypal integration to process their payment. Viola! Money for the Honeymoon!

Hopefully these tips will help our lovely engaged Formstack customers as they plan their weddings! Have you used Formstack in your wedding preparations? Let us know how in the comments below!